How to Protect Your Community Pool from those Who Don’t Belong

One of the most attractive features a neighborhood or community can offer is a community swimming pool. After all, it’s a great source of entertainment during the spring and summer and can also be a great source of exercise. That being said, there are several risks and responsibilities associated with it. One of the things you need to keep in mind is how to protect your community pool from those who don’t belong. This is where security in Tampa, Florida, comes in. 

To ensure that your HOA and members are protected, you must make sure that you create and enact proper security measures including virtual guards & surveillance related to the swimming pool and how it is used. 

Reasons for Security 

Here are some of the primary reasons you need security for your swimming pool.


You may find that it’s not always feasible to post a lifeguard on duty at an HOA community swimming pool. That being said, this increases the likelihood of accidents. You need to make sure that you have security measures in place that prevent drownings or other accidents that could result in lawsuits. Security guards or a gate with access control and a virtual security guard can ensure that no one enters the pool area unsupervised. 


Every HOA in the United States has rules and regulations that members must follow or face the consequences. You need to ensure that your HOA community pool has specified hours of operation, limits on capacity, and other rules to protect swimmers. 

Security Measures 

Typically, only residents are allowed access to the community swimming pool in an HOA community. However, others may be tempted to jump in. If you don’t have proper security protocols in place, trespassers will be able to enter and access areas, such as the community swimming pool, that they are not authorized to. Security measures can keep trespassers out. Ideally, you need a gate with an access control system that utilizes a card or key fob that triggers the gate to open. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure to have a virtual guard so that if someone enters that is not supposed to, you will get an alert, and the proper authorities can be dispatched. 


Another common issue in HOA community swimming pool areas is vandals. The HOA likely invested a lot of money in the installation and maintenance of the pool. Therefore, you want to ensure that it’s protected and remains in great shape. 


The pool isn’t the only thing that needs to have security measures. You need to also consider the personal belongings of your members. You need to have security measures, such as guards or security cameras with virtual guards to protect vehicles. 

Crowd Control 

Think about how many people are in your HOA. Keep in mind that an HOA community swimming pool attracts a lot of extra activity. You may need to have security guards in place to keep the crowd under control. Whether this means directing traffic into and out of the parking area or making sure the swimming pool doesn’t become too crowded. 

Secure Your Community Swimming Pool 

Think about it, do you need to increase security measures for your Tampa, Florida HOA community swimming pool? The pros at Securiteam would love to help you. We have many options, from access control systems to virtual guards to keep watch over your pool 24/7. Contact us today to get a quote on what we can do for you. We would love to fulfill your security needs.