Proactive Video Monitoring

Receive immediate response to security incidents with 24/7 monitoring from a remote team of security experts.

Proactive Video Monitoring

Proactive Video Monitoring With Instant Response

With a team of security experts proactively monitoring your property 24/7, you know you’re safe. Reduce cost and increase security with a built-to-fit solution just for your facility.

What is Proactive Video Monitoring?

Your array of security cameras has the backing of an offsite team of security experts who are at the ready 24/7. They identify and respond to potential security incidents within seconds. Since every business has unique security needs, we customize our solution to fit you. Smart camera technology, motion detectors, advanced analytics, intruder intervention… it’s all tailored for you.

The benefits of proactive video monitoring are:

Features and Options Available

Get a custom turnkey solution so you know it fits your business and needs. You get:

Claim your free, personalized security assessment from our experienced consultants. Together, we’ll design a custom solution to meet the needs of your business and properties.