Virtual Security Guard

Know your property is protected with 24/7 monitoring and response

Protecting your business or property is a round-the-clock job — but that doesn’t mean you need to pay for 24/7 staffing of security personnel. Whether you are looking to replace or supplement your current security guard systems, Securiteam’s state-of-the-art virtual security guard will ensure you’re always outfitted with the best protection possible.

Virtual Security Guard
Virtual Security Guard

What is a Virtual Security Guard?

Through our unique combination of smart camera technology, advanced analytics, and intruder intervention capabilities, our virtual security guard package allows you to have always-on monitoring and response to any potential threats you may face.

Our team will work with you to assess the specific needs of your business and install a comprehensive system of cameras, sensors, and alerts that act as a watchdog over every potential entry point of your operation.

Why Deploy A Virtual Security Guard?

While traditional security guards can provide valuable protection for your business, digitizing major functions of your system can provide numerous advantages, such as:

Virtual Security Guard

Features and Options Available

As one of our flagship products, we take pride in delivering the most state-of-the-art virtual security guard systems available anywhere. We bring deep expertise in both business security detail and innovative technology to provide a truly turnkey solution, no matter your business scope or needs.

Some of the core features of the virtual security guard include:

Whether you need just a few cameras or a comprehensive, campus-wide security monitoring patrol, our team can help you reduce costs and make your business safer than ever before.

Contact our team today to schedule an assessment and determine what tools and technology are right for your specific business needs.

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