Proactive video monitoring of a community pool

Swimming Pool Security Tips

A swimming pool is a highly desired feature in communities everywhere. They bring people together, provide a place to relax, promote health and well-being, and create fun. They require work and responsibility, however. A crucial responsibility that comes with a pool is security. Here are a few swimming pool security tips for a poolside security strategy that works.

Surround The Community By A Fence With Gates

A perimeter fence and gates are the first layer of security for the pool. A fence delivers an important message to everyone. This is private property. STAY OUT if you don’t belong here! Members of the community are aware of the message, making them feel secure. The message discourages the intrusion of uninvited guests. Kids in the surrounding neighborhood will be prevented from wandering in at will. A fence with coded gates also effectively reduces vandalism at the pool and elsewhere on the property.  

Create An Additional Barrier With Coded Access

Perimeter fences are helpful but not entirely foolproof. The second layer of security for the pool is to surround the pool area with a chain link or decorative fence at least five feet high and install a door or gate with coded access control. A second barrier improves pool security. In addition, a device to send you an open-gate notification during closed hours can be installed.

The access code for the pool, at least, should be different from the entranceway gate code. A better strategy is to use a gate or door lock operated by a key fob or an access card. All of us have enough passwords in our life already. 

Install Security Cameras

The third layer of security adds a bit of intimidation. The deployment of visible security cameras delivers personal messages. We are watching you, and we know what you have done, and we know who you are! The amusing part of the intimidation effect is that the cameras don’t even have to be functional to discourage trespassing or property violations.

Cameras that function can do things today they have never been able to do in the past. You can use a motion detector on a camera and have an alert sent to you. You can then have a feed from the security cameras sent to your Smartphone or another device.  

Cameras that monitor and record do more than discourage security breaches; they provide a means of identifying perpetrators and establishing a timeline and sequence of events. Combined with Smart Lights with motion or infrared detectors at night, you’ll always have a clear picture of poolside activity.

Cameras also help with occurrences other than ill-intentioned acts. When an accident happens during pool hours, recorded video is invaluable for assessing safety protocols to see what can be improved and how a similar occurrence can be prevented in the future with revised safety policies.

Proactive Video Monitoring

This layer is as deep as it gets. Live security doesn’t have to be teams in SWAT uniforms patrolling the grounds with attack dogs. You can create a welome but incredibly safe environment using a proactive video monitoring service. 

It’s the best of both worlds. Leveraging technology through video surveillance cameras to capture the area while a team of live security guards are off-site monitoring everything that is going on. From there, they can communicate to anyone on the premises, call the police, and make sure everyone is safe. 

A Few More Swimming Pool Security Tips

Provide And Monitor Safety Equipment

Flotation devices, rescue tubes, poles, and a First Aid Kit are must-haves around a pool. A staff member should be responsible for monitoring the presence of such equipment. 

Post Signage

You can tell people the rules, but they don’t have any excuses when you post them. Some popular poolside signs are:

  • Pool Hours: 8 AM to 9 PM
  • No Lifeguard – Swim at your own risk
  • Do not swim alone
  • No Diving
  • No running along the poolside
  • Slippery when wet
  • No Glass Containers Allowed 
  • No Food and No Alcohol allowed in the pool area
  • In Case Of Lightning – Leave The Pool Area IMMEDIATELY

Use A Pool Cover

The pool should be covered when it is not in use. A properly installed mesh pool cover could save a life. A cover will save a child or a pet from falling into the water and drowning if they inadvertently wander into the pool area.

Make Securiteam Your Security Source

If you are not sure whether your swimming pool security is doing the job you need it to, contact Securiteam for a free safety analysis. We will be happy to assess your swimming pool security design and provide you with a free quote on how you can improve your security.