Virtual Gate Guard

Improve guest experience with a solution that is safer and more dependable than a live security guard. Virtual Gate Guard offers controlled entry remote guard system that records every car, license plate, driver’s license, and more 

Virtual Gate Guard

Unlock a Smarter & Safer Tomorrow With Our Virtual Gate Attendants

Curating the ideal resident experience for your HOA or CDD includes balancing costs to make sure you’re able to spend money on the things that make a real impact. So the real question becomes: how can you save money and elevate the experience? With a virtual gate guard, you can lower your costs with security personnel, increase security, and have a more seamless experience in gated communities.


Risks of an In-Person Security Guard

Virtual gate guard services are a cost-effective option for anyone who needs extra security around the clock. Virtual guards function as an extra pair of eyes in your facility and help to keep out any potential intruders, keeping everyone safe.

There are many reasons why you would want to consider replacing your existing security systems with a virtual gate guard. The remote gate attendant system is designed to be user-friendly and will not disrupt your day-to-day routine.

When you have a live security guard in a security kiosk at your front gate, there are risks you’re adopting like:

Benefits of Securiteam’s Virtual Gate Guard System

Our virtual gate guard is a sleek kiosk allowing residents to access their residential communities quickly and identifying potential suspects. Using the newest surveillance technology, our remote guard system records every car, license plate information, driver’s license, and person’s face in a high-quality image that’s securely stored. There is a team of live security experts on the other end able to help if someone needs it. Homeowners have full control over who is allowed in their private community and who should be denied entry.

When you get our virtual gate guard, you have:

How Does A Virtual Gate Attendant Work?

Virtual gate guards are remote security systems that use access control, video surveillance, and audio intercom to allow or restrict access to your community or business.

Add Our Remote Gate Attendants To Any Gate System

Adding a Virtual Gate Guard to an access gate, can enhance the security of a community. Our customizable virtual access control systems integrate with any electronic gate system. Our remote access solution provides easy entry for residence while security the parameter of your community.  

The remote gate guard can be configured to work with the specific requirements of the community, such as allowing access to authorized residents and guests, while denying access to unauthorized individuals. This can be achieved through the use of QR Codes, license plate recognition, or other forms of identification.

Additionally, the virtual gate guard can be set up to provide real-time monitoring and alerts for suspicious activity, as well as maintaining a log of all access attempts.

Lastly, our virtual gate attendants provide a single point of contact for any gate malfunctions or entry security questions.

How do virtual gate guards work?

Virtual gate guards are a powerful security system used to monitor access and activity at remote locations. Utilizing advanced access control, automatic gate,video surveillance, audio intercom technologies, and automatic plate recognition, they provide an effective barrier of protection and access control for communities and business facilities.

Can a virtual gate attendant automatically screen guests?

A virtual gate guard can automatically screen guests. This works through cameras using license plate reading (LPR) cameras and software. The LPR system detects the license plate and screens the visitor using pre-enrolled information, granting them automatic access.

What automated screening options are available for virtual gate guards?

Automated screening options include scanning driver's licenses using optical character recognition (OCR) software, capturing license plates with OCR recognition software, using radio frequency identification (RFID), and using an intelligent keypad with a random code generation algorithm.

Can guests be added to get through the gate automatically?

Yes, it is possible to add guests to a virtual gate attendant system. This way your guests can automatically be granted access to a gate.

Can you add virtual gate guard security to any gate?

Yes, it is possible to add a virtual gate guard security system to any gate. There are several companies that offer this type of security system, which uses cameras and artificial intelligence to monitor the gate and identify any potential threats.

What is required to add a remote gate attendant?

In order to add a Virtual Gate Attendant, you will need a virtual gate guard provider. Additional hardware is required including cameras, audio, Wi-Fi equipment, and sensors. All of which is provided by a Virtual Gate Guard Company.

Virtual gate guards use both video technology and audio systems to assess every visitor to each community entrance and exit point. As any vehicle or pedestrian approaches an access point, it will encounter a security kiosk that is equipped with high definition cameras and two-way audio communications. The guest will be greeted by a virtual guard and will be permitted access to the gated community after a thorough verification of his identity.

Whether you need a simple gate access or a connected security solution for your whole development, claim your free security assessment today and see how a custom solution could fit your specific security needs.