Virtual Gate Guard
Improve guest experience with a solution that is safer and more dependable than a live security guard.

Virtual Gate Guard

Unlock a Smarter & Safer Tomorrow With Our Virtual Security Guard

Curating the ideal resident experience for your HOA or CDD includes balancing costs to make sure you’re able to spend money on the things that make a real impact. So the real question becomes: how can you save money and elevate the experience? With a virtual gate guard, you can lower your costs, increase security, and have a more seamless experience.

Risks of an In-Person Security Guard

When you have a live security guard in a booth at your front gate, there are risks you’re adopting like:

Benefits of Securiteam’s Virtual Gate Guard

Our virtual gate guard is a sleek kiosk allowing residents to access their community quickly. It records every car, license plate, driver’s license, and person’s face in a high-quality image that’s securely stored. There is a team of live security experts on the other end able to help if someone needs it. Homeowners have full control over who is allowed in and who should be blocked.

When you get our virtual gate guard, you have:

Whether you need a simple gate access or a connected security solution for your whole development, claim your free security assessment today and see how a custom solution could fit your specific security needs.