Security For Healthcare Facilities

Complete access control, interior and exterior surveillance, one button facility lockdown, facial recognition, panic button with integrated video instructions, remote gate guards, and more.

Full Service Security For Healthcare Facilities

With the ongoing demand for healthcare providers to reduce cost, increase security, and become more digitally integrated, it’s difficult to accomplish it all. Not to mention doing this with strict regulations and dated IT stacks.

We help you achieve these goals by designing and implementing custom solutions that meet your unique needs. We do this with an integrated suite of security, monitoring, and automation technologies. And did we mention it’s all HIPAA compliant to handle and store PHI?

Healthcare Security Solutions

From our 20+ years of experience with healthcare companies in the Tampa area, we know a lot can be done to create a safer, smarter, more cost-efficient facility.

With Securiteam, healthcare facilities can:

Why Healthcare Providers Trust Securiteam

Every healthcare company has unique needs. This is is why we start our engagement by listening to what your goals and business needs are. And the listening doesn’t stop there — we work with you to design the perfect solution for your needs. We handle the installation, setup, and training for your security and connectivity technology.

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