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Leveraging a High-Tech HOA Security System as a Benefit

High-Tech HOA Security System Benefits

There are several advantages to securing your property with a high-tech HOA security system. Although a Homeowners Association (HOA) is not typically responsible for providing security for residents, many benefits come from securing the property. Tenant satisfaction increases, crime decreases, and the number of liability risks are reduced. A high-tech HOA security system can provide your residents and property with an exceptionally safe environment. 

Tenants’ Desire for High-Tech Security

When choosing a home, most prospective tenants will seek a place that provides them an adequate level of safety and comfort. Having a high-tech HOA security system is attractive to potential tenants who want to ensure they live in a secure environment. Nowadays, people want the latest and greatest things involving technology, including their security systems. Providing a high-tech HOA security system can appeal to prospective tenants who view it as a significant benefit.

Leverage High-Tech Security as a Major Amenity

Prospective tenants love to see what amenities a potential home offers before moving forward with residing there. Having a high-tech HOA security system can be leveraged as a significant amenity when advertising to potential tenants. Many people are willing to pay extra to live in a home that is considered more secure. Gated communities and properties that have 24/7 surveillance are more appealing to people searching for a home. The vast number of benefits of a high-tech HOA security system can be used in advertising to draw people in. 

The Benefits of a High-Tech HOA Security System

A high-tech HOA security system can help automate all the security and safety needs of your property. Advanced security technology can be used to ensure that your residents and property are constantly under surveillance. There are many precautions you can take by using a high-tech HOA security system. These systems help with risk management, so you can be sure all safety threats are promptly identified and handled.

High-Tech HOA Security System Features

Listed below are some potential features that could be included in your HOA security system. Using one or all of these features can be helped to leverage your security system as a major amenity. Prospective tenants will feel comforted to know their HOA has gone above and beyond to provide the most up-to-date security technology to protect the premises. Although you do not need to employ all of these tactics, the more you choose to use, the more secure your tenants will feel.

  • Access Control Devices
    Using access control devices can help regulate who can enter buildings and common areas of residencies. These devices protect properties against trespassers and burglars. Only authorized people are allowed entry using a key card or entry badge, preventing unauthorized people from entering. Having these devices makes tenants feel safer on the property, knowing that only permitted people can enter.
  • Automated Gate Controls
    Studies show that homes within gated communities experience 33% less crime than inside non-gated communities. Using this statistic when advertising so prospective tenants can make your property more appealing. Installing an automated gate will allow you to control what vehicles can enter the property. 
  • Surveillance Cameras
    Prospective residents will feel comforted knowing the property they live in is under 24/7 surveillance. Placing surveillance cameras around the area can help discourage crime while adding an extra sense of safety for tenants. Surveillance cameras can help monitor activity all across the property and are especially important in high-risk areas like parking lots, alleyways, and stairwells.
  • Virtual Security Guard
    Virtual security guard technology uses smart cameras with threat detection technology to monitor video surveillance. Using a virtual security guard has several advantages to consider. It’s significantly more affordable than a conventional security guard and provides tenants high-quality protection 24/7. Listing a virtual security guard system as a major amenity is sure to appeal to potential tenants.
  • Alarms Systems 
    Providing your tenants with the most technologically advanced alarms is a significant amenity you can advertise. Having updated systems for fire and burglar alarms will show that you take tenant security seriously. Using high-tech alarm systems guarantees the safety of your tenants and their homes. 

Emphasize your High-Tech Security Strengths

Emphasizing the strengths of your high-tech security system can help appeal to potential tenants. People want to know they are being protected in the place they choose to live, and you can provide this for them by staying up-to-date with the latest security technology. Updating your HOA security system can be leveraged as a major amenity when advertising your property to prospective residents.