Property Managers: How to Reduce Headaches With Security Tools

connected smart home securityProperty Managers have a demanding and critical job; they are tasked with customer service, maintenance, collections and anything (and everything!) else that crops up in the course of a day, often having to switch gears at a moment’s notice. Minimizing vacancies and keeping lease renewals high is the mark of an exceptional Property Manager that understands tenants have many options and will move on if they are not happy. Safety is always a hot button issue; if cars are broken into, strangers are wandering the halls and grounds, or non-residents bring their family and friends to your pool, residents will not be thrilled. One way to reduce these issues, the company’s risk, and your headaches, is to ensure that your complex has adequate security and the right types of security tools. Securiteam partners with many Property Managers around the Bay area and for good reason–our company has a wealth of knowledge and experience securing communities.

There are many types of security tools available to make the job of a Property Manager less stressful. Let’s take a look at a few and how they are best used:

Access Control

Access Control is the perfect defense for a complex, HOA or CDD. Keeping unauthorized people OUT is a great way to reduce problems overall. There are many different applications that can be used, from controlled gates with keypads to secured doors that can be opened remotely with a key fob unit. After all, a study done at the University of Denver tells us:
[bctt tweet=”Households in gated communities have 33 percent lower odds of being burglarized than a similar housing unit in a non gated community, the study found. “]  If you’d like to read more, check out this link at Similarly, non-gated communities that have secured buildings offer a greater sense of security to tenants.  Securing your amenity center and pool area with access control will keep out trespassers and additional risk to the community.

IP Surveillance Cameras and Intelligent Video Surveillance 

IP surveillance cameras are great security tools to capture everything that is going on within their field of vision, and they can and do deter crimes and aid in prosecution when it is necessary. IP cameras offer high-definition and the ability to connect to a network, for lifelike film and remote viewing. The difference between analog images and IP can mean the difference between being able to make out a person’s features or read a license plate on a vehicle, or see a blur. With surveillance DVRs, you have a record that can be reviewed, and adding intelligent video surveillance acts as a virtual tripwire, alerting you to any high-value missing objects, when objects are left behind, or if someone gets drunk and jumps in your pool at midnight– so that you can take the appropriate actionsSurveillance-Cameras-Tampa

Fire and Intrusion Alarms

Intrusion or burglar alarms can be set up to secure areas in your community that no one should have access to– for instance, you might want to alarm your clubhouse after hours. Our technicians are highly experienced in installing intrusion alarms and motion sensors to make the property secure day or night.

Fire alarms are necessary and required equipment in many areas. Securiteam can install and service fire alarm systems from permit stage forward with a simple phone call.

Networking and Automation

Having instant access to information about your community, whether you are in your office or enjoying your day off on the beach, is crucial and very much possible with the advanced networking technologies we have today. Your video surveillance camera footage can be viewed from anywhere you have a computer or smartphone; likewise, information about your fire and burglar alarms and access control systems are available remotely. You can even arm your systems or delete access for a disgruntled employee away from your community. Integrating all of the systems in your complex via networking makes them work seamlessly, and lets you have complete control.

Securiteam can set up any of these security tools for you– we handle it all, from design, installation, service and monitoring. Even better, the initial consultation to get our opinion about what types of security equipment are needed, is provided to you at no cost. Please call us so that we can give you great specifications for your complex, which are critical for comparison shopping. We want you to be able to compare apples to apples (or IP cameras to IP cameras!) after all. We welcome requests for references from our current customers, and comparison shopping– but please call us first so that we can design a great system for you!