The Definitive Guide to HOA Security Systems

What is an HOA Security System?

A Homeowners Association (HOA) security system is designed to keep an HOA property safe and secure for tenants. Since tenants often pay monthly fees towards the HOA, they expect a certain standard of services. When choosing a place to live, potential tenants tend to seek areas that provide a solid sense of security and comfort.

Benefits of an HOA Security System

Keeping your tenants secure should be your top priority, and an HOA security system can help ensure your tenants’ safety. Many HOA security system options offer advanced technology that can take the stress out of monitoring the property’s safety. Using proper security tools can help guarantee that your property is as secure as possible.

Installing an HOA security system can also protect you from liability risks. An adequate security system prevents thefts, unauthorized guest entry, and safety hazards. These are all potential risks that an HOA would be liable for if an incident were to occur. Using an HOA security system as a form of risk management minimizes your potential liability risks. 

HOA Security System Features

Below is a list of all possible features an HOA security system can offer. Not all HOA security systems will include all these features. Including some or all of these features in your HOA security system can help guarantee the safety of your tenants and property. Tenants are generally more attracted to properties that provide a secure environment, so applying these features can help appeal to potential tenants. 

  • Access Control Devices
    The use of access control devices and solutions can help prevent unauthorized guests from entering the premises. Providing tenants with a type of entry key can ensure that only authorized people can enter the property. By only allowing authorized entry, you can help to keep out trespassers and possible burglars. Keeping unauthorized people out reduces risks and prevents on-site crime. 
  • Automated Gate Controls
    Installing automated gate controls is a way to secure the property further. Having a gated parking lot guarantees that only authorized vehicles can enter the premises. Homes inside gated communities have also been proven to be 33% safer than homes within non-gated communities. Living in a gated community is also more appealing to potential tenants. If your property has the space for an automated gate, it’s worth considering installing one. 
  • Surveillance Cameras
    Installing surveillance cameras around an HOA property can safeguard a property even further. Studies show that the presence of surveillance cameras can help preventing crime. Having surveillance cameras installed can help monitor activity around the property. Placing cameras in high-risk areas such as stairwells and parking lots can help ensure tenant safety. These cameras can also be beneficial for identifying perpetrators from previous incidents. Law enforcement can use the footage as evidence to convict criminals who committed crimes on your property.
  • Virtual Security Guard
    Hiring a virtual guard can make monitoring surveillance footage straightforward and effortless. Using a virtual security guard outsources the work to a 24/7 facility that will observe footage and intervene in any potential incidents. Virtual security guards use smart cameras with threat detection technology to guarantee that no security threat goes unnoticed. This system ensures that your property will be watched and guarded around the clock. 
  • Alarms Systems 
    The installation of alarm systems can help protect HOA tenants and property from fires and burglaries. Fire alarms are often a requirement of any HOA property. Performing quarterly tests of fire alarms is vital to ensure they are all in working order. Working fire alarms can detect smoke immediately to protect tenants and property from fires. 

    A home alarm system is also a valuable tool for HOA security systems. Although installing a home alarm system against intruders is not always required, it can help to keep tenants further safe from threats. Home alarm systems have been proven to deter criminals

Deciding if an HOA Security System is Right for You

Have you assessed your HOA’s security system lately? If not, go over the list of HOA security system features to check if your current system is as effective as it could be. Modern technology allows for properties to be safer than ever before. Staying up-to-date with the latest technologies can be reassuring for tenants knowing the property is safe and secure.  

An adequate HOA security system creates a safe and comfortable environment for tenants. Updating your current security system can help automate your systems and save you a lot of work. With automated systems, monitoring surveillance is outsourced, which is more effective and affordable than self-monitoring.