Types of HOA Security & Why they are Useful

The primary goal of an HOA, or homeowner’s association, is to ensure that the homes and homeowners in a neighborhood are protected. When homes and common areas are protected against loitering, vandalism, and theft, you can be sure that the community will remain a desirable place to live. 

The HOA board members must decide the type of security needed for the neighborhood and coordinate with a security services provider, such as Securiteam. Unfortunately, it’s no easy task to determine how to spend the security budget of the association. 

This article will look at why security is necessary, the types of security available for HOAs, answer some FAQs about neighborhood security and provide you with some tips on hiring a security team. 

Why is HOA Security so Important? 

When you have a security plan in place, you can ensure that your community will be a wonderful, safe place to live. After all, citizens place a high value on having a feeling of safety and security in their neighborhood. Following are 3 benefits of having HOA security in place. 

Traffic/Parking regulations can be enforced 

If you have a security guard on duty, they will enforce parking restrictions and speed limits in the neighborhood. When you ensure that residents, visitors, and guests comply with the rules, the community becomes a safe place for everyone to live- and keeps the aesthetic looking nice. 

Theft/Break-ins/Vandalism are deterred 

You can ensure that residents feel safe and maintain property values by preventing property crimes such as vandalism, burglaries, and theft. After all, no one wants to live in a community that is known for criminal activity. 

Access to common areas by outsiders is prevented 

The amenities/common areas are for the community’s residents- that is what your HOA dues are for. Security measures, such as guards, virtual gate guard services, cameras, and locked gates, will ensure that outsiders are prevented from accessing the facilities. 

These measures protect not only the common areas but also the properties and residents in the community. However, it can be a bit tricky to determine what security your neighborhood needs- so it’s best to work with professionals, such as Securiteam, to find solutions to your security needs.

Types of HOA Security 

When it comes to HOA security, there should be a blend of both personnel and equipment- depending on the goals and budget of your association. Following are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to HOA security measures: 

Typically, criminals operate where they’re least likely to be caught. Therefore, the most cost-effective method for deterring crime in the neighborhood is installing equipment such as alarms, lights, cameras, and locked gates. These offer you a 24-hour solution to the security needs of your neighborhood. 

Communities with decent camera coverage and access points that are difficult to breach are not the best places for vandals, petty thieves, and burglars to operate. 

You can prevent access to pools, clubhouses, and other common areas by locking these access points up. This keeps out vagrants, trespassers, and loiters. 

Of course, depending on the needs of your neighborhood, you might consider hiring security guards- either 24 hours a day or just for the daytime or nighttime. Guards are well-trained and will patrol the neighborhood, which will deter any potential trespassers or criminals. They can ensure that local law enforcement is notified of crimes, fires, or other hazards occurring. 

Neighborhoods that have human security guards are much safer than those without. 

Frequently Asked HOA Security Questions 

As you can see, there are several options, and it’s not always easy to come up with a security strategy for your HOA. Board members must make these decisions regarding spending the budget to create a safer, welcoming community that everyone can enjoy. Following are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to HOA security. 

Are cameras better than guards? 

Security cameras are a more budget-friendly 24-hour solution to deter crime/monitor the neighborhood. On the other hand, a professional security guard provides you with the best protection. The most appropriate solution depends on your needs and budget. 

Is it better to have armed or unarmed security guards? 

Typically, neighborhood security guards are not armed. However, if you believe the risk is great enough in your neighborhood, you can hire armed security guards. Of course, you must be sure that any armed security is well-trained in the use of firearms. Armed guards are more of a deterrent to criminals but can sometimes make the residents uncomfortable. 

Is it better to hire an independent security guard or go through a firm? 

Working with a firm provides more benefits than hiring an independent guard. A firm will carry their insurance, cover expenses such as background checks, certification, and training for their personnel. It can even help you install/maintain, and monitor any equipment you have in place. They can also answer any questions you have and help you determine the equipment and services that meet your needs. 


The primary goal of the HOA is to ensure the protection of the homes and homeowners in a neighborhood. After all, when the neighborhood is protected, the community remains a desirable place to live. There are so many options that HOAs can implement to protect the neighborhood- it can be hard to decide which to choose. The professionals at Securiteam can help you make your decisions. Contact us today for a quote.