Do Surveillance Cameras Prevent Crime?

Can video surveillance cameras stop criminal activity at your home or business from happening?

Well, visible surveillance systems can certainly provide a deterrent for vandals and thieves, but the question ignores the vital role today’s sophisticated video surveillance systems play in enabling individuals, business owners and law enforcement to identify perpetrators and recover property or reparations.

Surveillance Cameras Assist Law Enforcement in Catching Vandals and Thieves

There is little doubt that integrated surveillance systems with high definition surveillance cameras connected to mobile devices are enabling homeowners, businesses and law enforcement to identify and apprehend those responsible for burglaries and other criminal activity more than ever before.

Consider these recent headlines / stories:

Long Distance Surveillance Camera Check Leads to Burglary Arrests …

[KRWG-TV] The arrests of three burglary suspects can be attributed to a Las Cruces resident vacationing in Hawaii who, using his cell phone, checked his home video surveillance system and saw three people burglarizing his residence…

Seattle burglary suspects from surveillance video spotted by victim’s granddaughter, arrested

[] Police say they were able to arrest a pair of burglary suspects, thanks to the watchful eyes of some community members. They recognized the suspects from surveillance video, and spotted them getting on a bus in Seward Park.

When Larry Russak heard a home invasion and attempted burglary in his neighborhood, he decided to check his own surveillance cameras.

“We checked it out and at 12:09 am, two guys walk into the yard…” Two days later, the suspects were spotted just a couple blocks away by Larry’s own granddaughter…

”It was a community member who saw the suspects boarding the bus,” Seattle police detective Drew Fowler said. “Our officers were able to meet the suspects as they got off the bus.”

Are there other Questions About Surveillance Camera Systems?

So the question isn’t just “can surveillance camera systems prevent crime?” The real question is whether or not your home or business is protected with security systems that not only deter criminal activity, but help to apprehend perpetrators so that you can recover items taken from your property or assist justice and insurance claims to provide for reparations.

As these stores highlight, advances in security surveillance systems now put resources in the hands of homeowners and businesses like never before. HD surveillance cameras that have 4-20 times the detail of traditional analog cameras provide the potential to make out individual faces and zoom in without the distortion experienced with analog cameras. Security cameras can use of video analytics software to detect when objects are left behind, missing, or are taken beyond the confines of a specific perimeter, helping make the surveillance system even more of valuable management and loss-prevention asset.

A video surveillance monitoring solution can help you achieve much more from your smartphone, computer, or tablet than simply remote video monitoring. Imagine being able to control your home’s garage door, light fixtures, thermostat, and various appliances remotely. It sounds futuristic, but the future is as close as a phone call. It’s called home automation, and Securiteam can make this technology a way of life for you.

So, homeowner or business owner, if the question is “Can video surveillance systems prevent crime” you may be missing some other important questions to consider. If you’d like learn more about remote video monitoring and how Securiteam can make this a reality for you, please contact us today. We’ll be glad to answer all your questions about video surveillance and remote monitoring.

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