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Video Surveillance Systems – How Do They Work?

Are you a commercial property owner? Then you need to invest in a quality video surveillance system from Securiteam. There are a plethora of benefits to their video surveillance systems, but how exactly do they operate? Let’s take a dive into how their surveillance works and why you should invest in a system for your property.

24/7 Monitoring

You never know when an intruder will strike, and Securiteam works to protect your home no matter the time of day. They accomplish this through 24/7 video surveillance systems, which monitor your whole property at every hour of the day.

High-Tech Sensors & Analytics

Video surveillance systems that rely on older methods can be hit or miss. With standard video cameras, it can be easy for intruders to find hiding spots and escape detection. Securiteam uses high-tech sensors and analytics that are specifically tailored to detect human figures no matter where they are on your property—or what they are wearing. They sense all movements on your property, analyze whether the disturbance is human (so you won’t get continually interrupted at work by squirrels running across your lawn), and they give you instant video access to assess the situation and alert authorities.

Deter & Communicate with Intruders

Intruders are well aware that less sophisticated video surveillance systems aren’t as effective at tracking them or providing detailed images that can be used in court. If an intruder sees an old camera, they might even assume it’s a fake. Securiteam deters crime not only through its modern design but also through its ability to give you audio communication with an intruder. If an intruder didn’t think you were watching before, Securiteam’s two-way audio connection lets you scare them off from wherever you might be.

Customized Protection

Securiteam also works differently for a variety of property owners. Maybe you have a lot of obstacles on your property that can obscure vision and you need extremely high-definition recording software, or maybe you would benefit from a virtual security guard that has the training to deal with possible intruders efficiently. That’s why Securiteam offers thorough consultations and customizes how its video surveillance systems will work for each potential client. Security is not one-size-fits-all; you need a video surveillance system that is optimized for your circumstances.

Digital Recording & Modern Solutions

The video surveillance systems provided by Securiteam also use digital recording and modern solutions to give you legal advantages. One of the most difficult aspects of break-ins for property owners is proving what was taken or destroyed and by whom. Old, analog cameras often miss small details that could help to identify an intruder, or the images distort to make the evidence questionable in court. With Securiteam’s high-definition IP camera systems and their modern approach to security, you’ll get top-quality imagery that follows an intruder from the second they step onto your property—without any risk of pixelated or grainy footage.

Overall, Securiteam works by monitoring your property around the clock, using high-tech sensors and analytics, providing two-way communication with intruders, customizing their video surveillance systems to your circumstances, and recording with high-definition digital cameras. Contact us for more details.