Why Convert Analog Video Surveillance Systems to IP?

Should you convert analog video surveillance systems to IP? The tipping point in which the majority of new video surveillance camera sales are IP-based rather than analog has finally materialized, so says Security Sales & Integration.

Either through obsolescence or the need for greater functionality, most of the thousands of analog video surveillance systems presently installed are going to eventually convert to IP-based solutions. A three-step overview simplifies the process.

Security Sales & Integration points out that time has allowed IP video to become more familiar and more affordable, and that older analog equipment cannot provide the advanced functionality that IP video offers.

Proactive Video Surveillance vs Forensic Video Surveillance

At Securiteam, we recognize this shift as moving from forensic security to proactive security.

While HD video certainly enhances forensic capabilities with crystal clear images of perpetrators, the real beauty is in the ability to create integrated systems that provide proactive capabilities. Remote Video Monitoring, commonly known as “Remote Viewing” is a hot topic in the security world these days, and for good reason.

This revolutionary breakthrough in technology allows you to view a live stream or recorded footage of events at your home or office from your smartphone, computer, or tablet. We offer our Virtual Security Patrol video analytics systems. Video analytics technology is incorporated into IP cameras from Video IQ, a leading manufacturer of innovative security systems. The HD CCTV (high-definition closed-circuit television) cameras from Video IQ are infused with intelligent video surveillance technology that is designed to not only ‘detect’ movement in its field of view but to distinguish those objects from one another, determine what objects pose a potential threat or loss.

For example, when an object comes into the camera’s view that shouldn’t be there, a notification is sent to either a security guard on location or to Securiteam’s remote video monitoring center to dispatch the authorities. Your responses are completely customizable and a two-way voice system even allows for easy off-site monitoring and communication with anyone on site.

We couldn’t agree more with Security Sales & Integration. If you are evaluating converting your analogy video security systems to an IP video security solution, consider their whitepaper on the subject or visit our website for more information about integrating advanced video surveillance capabilities.

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