Access Control Systems Aren’t Just for Investigators

How to make Your Access Control System Proactive and Preventative

Forget what you were told, you really can have your cake and eat it too.

Sure, traditional security systems have been composed of separate platforms, where access control and video surveillance worked as disparate systems…but today, with the seamless integration of high definition video, real-time video surveillance management systems, virtual gate guard services, access control solutions web interfaces, and mobile applications tightly integrated into a converged system, access control solutions are increasingly a proactive and preventive business tool.

Integrating Security Systems into A single Converged System.

Instead of having separate systems for surveillance, Access control and event monitoring, at Securiteam we now provide a singular converged system that performs all of these functions:

  • Seamless, tightly integrated access control and video management
  • Browser based unified management and administration
  • Real-time video monitoring, customized to your facility
  • Automated handling of software updates and system backups
  • Data management that automatically backs up and maintains SQL-compliant databases
  • System upgrades that are compatible with Mercury, Casi-Rusco, and Honeywell hardware.
  • The ability to support up to 32 access control portals
  • Real-time video surveillance with live video tours and on-screen PTZ controls
  • Forensic search that can locate video of interest with a single click and saves it for later use
  • Customized support of IP cameras

So, forget that old expression. Access Control Solutions can be forensic, but they can also be proactive and preventative

Interested in making your access control solution more than an investigative tool?

Learn more about our Tampa access control and high-definition video surveillance solutions and how we integrate them into powerful preventative security systems.