Video Surveillance of a Pool

New, Proactive Measures for Protecting Your Community that Will Let You Sleep at Night

Does protecting your community keep you up at night?

Homeowners associations, community management companies, and especially the residents of a community, often have to deal with messes created by people who treat the community with less respect than it deserves. Unfortunately, the ‘clean-up’ almost always costs money.

Sometimes, people need to know that someone is watching to modify their behavior. That’s why an HOA security system featuring state of the art High Definition video surveillance can be extremely beneficial in protecting your community.

All too often, people with disregard for property break into or vandalize homes and condominiums, damage gates, misuse and abuse dumpsters, break into complex pools after hours and damage community property leaving the residents holding the bag.

Custom Proactive Solutions to Protect Your Community from Crime and Trespassing

As a homeowner’s association or community association manager charged with preventing crime from happening and keeping residents of your community safe, this is a frustrating experience to say the least.

Integrated custom solutions can help you get a handle on unauthorized presence, or misuse of community property. Proactive watchful eye video surveillance systems with video monitoring and video alerts, as an example, provide both a deterrent and through the use of high definition video analytics, forensic data to protect residents and property or to bring to justice those who would do damage to your community.

Wouldn’t it be great if the next time your pool complex was invaded by a group jumping the fence after hours with the intent of having a party at your expense were greeted with an alert ordering them to leave and scaring them away?

That’s just one way new, proactive video monitoring systems can help you sleep better at night.