Multi-Family Housing

Security Systems for Multi-Family Housing Facilities

Keeping families safe today means having the resources in place to spot, address, and prevent risk 24/7. Through our security systems for multi-family housing, we offer full-service, fully integrated monitoring, access control, and alarm systems. All so you can provide your tenants with the peace of mind they deserve.

From new installations to system upgrades and management, Securiteam is the partner you need to stay ahead of risk — no matter how large or small.

Whether you are looking for a ground-up solution or for simple enhancements to an existing security suite, Securiteam offers solutions for every need. From full-campus HD video surveillance to fully automated virtual security guard systems, we’ll help you identify and design the right solution for your facility.

Take a look at some of the many services we offer:

Security Systems for Multi-Family Housing
Video Surveillance and Security Systems for Multi-Family Housing

Why Trust Your Homes to Securiteam?

With more than 20 years’ experience in the security business, our team has worked with some of the top housing facilities in the region and has been constantly innovating to craft better, smarter, safer solutions.

Securiteam offers end-to-end design, installation, testing, and maintenance services for all of our security and technology offerings, and utilize top-of-the-line hardware from trusted brands such as Vector, GE Security Systems, Samsung, Rapid Response, Honeywell, DSC, and more.

We take pride in treating every job as an ongoing relationship, rather than a simple transaction, and recognize that your business needs a solution tailored specifically to your needs.

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