Access Control Installation is an effective way to bring uniformity to the working environment through the provision of security. If you are looking for the best Access Control Installation services, Securiteam is your leading provider. Learn information about Tampa, FL.

Access Control Installation in Tampa, FL

Based in the Tampa Bay area, Securiteam has been offering a wide range of world-class security systems for many years. Their knowledgeable and experienced technicians can offer the best solutions for your commercial and industrial needs.  Discover facts about Offering You Complete Control Over Physical Access to Your Business.

Securiteam designs and installs hi-tech security units, which comprise access control, badge readers, door locksets, and interchangeable door locks with master keys. The highly-trained technicians will assess your business to see which security solution fits you. 

Types of Access Control Solutions

Mandatory Access Control 

This is the most advanced access control system designed for government facilities such as military bases. Because of the nature of these places, they need to have robust access control solutions since they store valuable resources and are always targeted by hostile organizations. The core security of mandatory access control is based on security policies which are determined by the administrator of the environment. This means that end-users don’t have any say in the security policies. Essentially, the policies are set to form a classification of access for end-users, and then users are given access to these facilities depending on their specific classification. 

Discretionary Access Control 

According to the institute of standards and technology, discretionary access control offers the lowest level of access control. As the access control policy, discretionary access control is defined by the business owner or individuals who can be given access to different areas. This lets the business owner allow access based on the requirement to know the basis to the end-user who can conduct various tasks. Some of these tasks include passing information, giving access to other users, modifying settings for other users, or even changing policies for access. 

Role-Based Access Control

Role-based access control is the most used type of control. These systems grant access to users based on their duties. Since access is granted based on the users’ roles, the amount of info depends on what level the users depend on the hierarchy. For example, the CFO will have more access than a bank teller since the executive has more roles than the entry-level staff. 

Door Access Control

Door access control systems are the most affordable types of business access control used in data facilities, airports, defense, homes, offices, and server rooms. They can control access to your business with electric door locks, multi-technology readers, contactless readers, biometric security readers, and card readers. 

Biometric Access Control 

This system utilizes eye scanners, hand geometry readers, or fingerprint readers to grant access to your business. Biometric security readers can’t be transferred like you can do with cards, keys, or number sequences. The individual given access must be physically present to access your business. Securiteam offers expert access control installation of business biometric access control systems.