Installing an effective access control system can be a time-consuming and difficult task, especially when you don’t have the right skills. Luckily, Securiteam’s team of technicians is here for you. We are a premier security service firm with over 15 years of combined expenses installing professional access control units for facilities and businesses throughout Tampa Bay. Securiteam’s Access Control Installation services guarantee that you get an optimized solution that offers convenient and secure access control for your facility. Our experienced access control team will supervise the entire process from the beginning to the end, from site assessment to system setting configuration, and our experts will be there.  Learn more here.

Access Control Site Assessment 

At Securiteam, we start the Access Control Installation process by conducting a comprehensive site assessment of your premises. We assess your premises footprint, existing exit & entry points, and also floor layout. We also take time to know you and understand your operation to get a clear picture of your business requirement and how our access control solution will best serve you, your clients, and your employees. Furthermore, we take your budget into consideration to build a functional access control system that will meet your needs. Our skilled team has previously worked with budgets of any size and can locate the access control unit that suits both your budget constraints and business needs. Learn more about Securiteam: We Offer High-Quality Access Control installation Services.

Access Control Plan

After conducting a site assessment, our technicians will develop a personalized proposal for your business access control solution designed to meet your personal needs. What’s special about our access control systems is that they are designed for each client. At Securiteam, we do not provide a cookie-cutter access control solution. We create a system that will address your unique business requirements, your budget, employee, staffing, and clients’ safety. Additionally, our business security solutions handle theft prevention, information security, foot traffic patterns, user permissions, after-hours access, and your expected plans for future expansion. 

Our skilled and certified technicians will meet with your security team to analyze your business access control proposal. We’ll walk you through all the steps of the Access Control Installation process, making sure that you are aware of each step. Besides, we’ll offer you some recommendations for software and hardware. We acquire our access control products only from leading suppliers in the market. We greatly value our relationship with our customers in the Tampa area. Our primary goal is to be transparent with our clients – we strive to ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding before we embark on the installation process. 

Benefits of Access Control 

Installing an access control system in your business premises has many benefits. They include:

If you want to install an access control system in your business, make sure you call us at Securiteam for high-quality and effective installation.