Advantages and Disadvantages of Automatic Gates

Automatic gates are impressive. A prospective resident visiting a community will probably immediately note the sense of security a fence and automatic gate gives them. However, automatic gates are not always as secure as they may seem. Especially, if your gate does not have a virtual security guard. If an automatic gate is being considered for your community or home, it is crucial to understand its advantages and disadvantages.

The Good Side Of Automatic Gates

An Automatic Gate Allows Easy Access

Some gates are not automatic, and crude ones are secured with a chain and a padlock. Going through such a gate involves getting out of your vehicle and manually opening the gate, even in rain or snow. Automatic gates do all the work for you. There is no need to brave the elements or exert yourself after a long, tiring day. 

An Automatic Gate Provides Protection

Anything that operates as a barrier provides security, and a gate is a barrier. It will prevent unwanted vehicles from being driven on your property. It will also keep unwanted guests from intruding on your activities. Children, who might be curious, won’t be able to wander in and possibly damage property or injure themselves.

Gates Are Aesthetically Pleasing

Gates are manufactured in many designs and colors. It is easy to have a gate installed that expresses your personality and taste, and the presence of a gate is an addition that makes a property look richer.

A Gate Is An Investment

Whether you install an automatic gate for an apartment community or your private residence, it is an investment that will generate a return. Tenants will pay a bit more in rent for the security they feel when a gate protects them. Some people may like the gate because it speaks of prestige and importance. 

The Other Side Of Automatic Gates

They Present Password Problems

Automatic gates are not as secure as they are sometimes thought to be. Having many residents and guests using a common password will result in a widely distributed password. Contractors, delivery people, and people who are no longer welcome guests will possess the ability to enter the property, sometimes with less than honorable intentions. Even law enforcement and other first responders contribute to this problem. It is common knowledge that gates are often programmed with a simple password, such as 0911, so the police, firefighters, or emergency medical assistants will be able to enter the property quickly.

A Gate Can Be Climbed Over

The primary flaw with an automatic gate is that the top is open, which means the gate’s purpose can be thwarted simply by climbing over it. Some gates are designed to make the trip up and over more difficult with the presence of barbed or razor wire, and the height of a gate determines how easy it will be to scale. However, in the final analysis, the wide-open top of a gate is its essential failing.

Gates Are Expensive

There is no argument about it. Gates are expensive, especially automatic gates. The initial capital outlay sometimes makes the option of a security gate cost-prohibitive. The gate is expensive, and installation by a professional is expensive. Beyond those initial costs, gates need maintenance. Anything with moving parts needs occasional attention to make sure everything is operating smoothly, and gates are no exception, especially a gate that may open and close hundreds of times each day. But that is expensive, too.

Gates Require Repairs

Closely associated with the apparent cost is the unexpected cost when gate repairs are needed. Gate rollers wear out, chains break, motors burn up, and electronic devices stop working. When they do, a professional repairman is needed immediately, which is expensive. A few gate installation and maintenance companies will offer service plans that fit your budget. 

Gates Are Electric

One downfall of an automatic gate that is rarely considered is that it uses electric power. It seems like a great convenience, but that is only true if the power is on. Whenever power is interrupted, the gate function stops. If an ambulance is inside the community and needs to take a critical patient to the hospital, they will be delayed until the gate can be opened.

Securiteam Is Your Security Source

If you are going to use a gate at your facility, don’t just settle on the perception of security. Look at ways where you can get the most protection for your money using a Virtual Gate Guard Security System. It’s the best way to keep everyone safe. 

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