Do Security Cameras Keep Residents Safe?

The word “security” has many meanings and is the most important thing we can feel when in our own homes. When it comes to HOA communities, security is a significant issue. One of the primary reasons people choose to live in an HOA community is because they want to live somewhere with additional security, providing them with peace of mind. After all, security is addressed across the entire community and not solely the responsibility of a single homeowner. 

So, do security cameras keep residents of an HOA safe? The short answer: yes. Security camera systems are critical for ensuring the safety and security of the HOA community and are a number one priority at all times. 

The Rise of Security Camera Systems

Over the last few years, surveillance and security camera systems have rapidly evolved. In the past, security was addressed through physical implements alone; hiring live security guards, securing an area’s perimeter with a fence, or even posting a “beware of dog” sign in the front yard. However, today’s security needs have changed as threats to our homes and communities become increasingly virtual. The cutting-edge tech provided by an advanced security camera system is the strongest defense against our current security challenges.

Due to amenities frequently found in HOA communities, such as recreational facilities, swimming pools, playgrounds/parks, gyms, and spas, they are often the targets of criminal activity. These communities also typically have large parking lots/garages which leave vehicles exposed and vulnerable to vandalism, break-ins, and theft. Research on the effectiveness of security camera systems has proven that they are an effective deterrent for crimes in the areas where they are installed. 

Security Cameras Make Residents feel Safe 

Security cameras work in two ways: to prepare and to prevent. HOA communities prepare for high-risk activity by installing and maintaining security camera systems. When used properly, security cameras do prevent potential criminal activity; which makes residents feel safe and secure in their homes and the larger community. In instances where a crime or violation is not prevented, the HOA is prepared with video evidence to prosecute criminals or fine residents for guideline violations. 

Benefits of Security Cameras 

There are lots of benefits associated with virtual gate guard equipment like security cameras, including the following: 

  • Captures license plates and other distinguishing features on a moving vehicle
  • Protects personal and community property from physical damage 
  • Mitigates threat of criminal activity/misconduct by residents and guests 
  • Captures violations of HOA guidelines and identifies those who are responsible for the violations 
  • Captures perpetrators responsible for property damage so they can be fined and costs can be recovered 
  • Reduces liability and risk for the HOA
  • Stops unwelcomed or unwanted visitors
  • Decreases cases of theft and vandalism 
  • Bolsters reputation of the HOA and drives the desire to reside in the community (high return on investment)
  • Aides in non-criminal dispute resolution 

These are just a few of the many benefits of installing security cameras in your HOA community. 

Security Cameras are Necessary

At one time, security cameras were considered an amenity, something only financial institutions and high-end stores utilized. However, in today’s world, they are a necessary norm. While these security devices provide all of the above benefits and more, they also increase property values and provide peace of mind to you and your residents. To function in the modern world, your community needs a security camera system. When it comes to making a decision as important as the safety and security of your HOA, you need a name you can trust.

Securiteam has a proven track record of success. Our knowledge and experience work together to create a system that meets the needs of your community. Our system provides the round-the-clock protection your residents expect. When it comes to safety and security, you need to know that you can depend on the tech you have in place. You need to know that the images will be clear, the system will be user-friendly, and that it is going to work every time. 

If you are ready to experience the Securiteam difference, contact us today for your security assessment. We can work with you to create a personalized system that best prepares, prevents, and ultimately protects your community. Plus, you can be sure that we will stand behind you every step of the way! Even after installation, we are still an active member of your security team. Our unmatched customer service is available to answer questions and provide remote support when you need it.