Virtual Gate Guard With License Plate Recognition, Video & Audio

Virtual Security Guards + Their Key Benefits

Due to the unlimited benefits, virtual security guards are becoming essential for most businesses and property owners. Therefore, most companies are replacing in-person security guards with virtual guards. This is one of the security solutions offered by Securiteam. This security solution uses remote technology in the video surveillance system of the property, allowing companies to save money but still have their property monitored 24/7. 

The primary reason that many companies are opting for remote monitoring versus having security guards on site is that these services are affordable. Virtual security services are a quarter of the cost of traditional security guard services. 

One concern about the price difference is that the quality of services will be lower. This is not the case. Virtual security guards are the most effective way to guard and monitor your property. 

Our virtual security guard package combines advanced analytics, intruder intervention, and intelligent camera technology. Your property will be monitored 24/7, which means you will have a rapid response to any potential threats. Let us work with you to determine your needs and provide you with a comprehensive system that will watch over every entry/exit point to your operation. 

Benefits of Virtual Security Guards 

You’ve put in the time and effort to get your business up and to run. The last thing you want is someone stealing from you or destroying your property. This is why security is of utmost importance. Below, we’re going to take a look at some of the benefits offered by virtual security guards. 

Virtual Security Guards Save Money 

As we already mentioned, virtual security guards are a quarter of the cost of an on-site security guard. Plus, your site is monitored 24/7- and since they do not have to walk around the property, they can look at several areas at once via security cameras. The quality of the services is increased because the guards can multi-task and send help to the areas needed when an alert is triggered. 

Virtual Security Guards have Increased Capabilities 

The security cameras can see more clearly and farther than the human eye, especially at night. This means that the guards can better understand who is coming and going and what is happening at your property during the night. 

Virtual Guards are Highly Trained

The virtual guards are highly trained and can easily control the entire system. This is much more effective than having multiple guards on site. Virtual guards can detect a crime before it happens when you are using on-site guards. It’s much easier for a threat to slip in when they are not watching. 

Virtual Guards Decrease Liability Risk

When you have security guards on-site, your liability is increased. They can get hurt or cause injury to intruders, and this opens you up for lawsuits. On the other hand, a virtual security guard package allows access to information without anyone being put in danger. A virtual guard can combat crime before it happens, which means there’s no liability risk. 

Virtual Guards Offer Increased Coverage 

As mentioned earlier, an on-site guard is limited to what they can see. They patrol from one area to another, which means the areas they are not in at the moment are left unprotected. However, a virtual security guard can be in all places at one time by simply accessing the cameras. 

Let Us Help You! 

The professionals at Securiteam are here to help you! We provide virtual security guard packages. Some of the core pieces to these packages are 24/7 HD video monitoring, audio intervention capabilities, threat-detection tech in smart cameras, and so much more. Contact us today. We would love to schedule an assessment to help you decide whether you want to continue with an on-site guard or if a virtual security guard may be a better option.