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Five Reasons to Use Virtual Guards Instead of Physical Guards

Security is something that all businesses think about. There are many styles and intensity levels of security, depending on the business that you are securing. Traditionally, companies hire physical guards to keep their companies safe. In today’s world, there are better options. With modern technology, a virtual guard may be the best option to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your company and employees.

There are five reasons to use a virtual guard instead of the traditional physical guard.

The first reason is that it is always on: it does not nap at night, it doesn’t have to use the washroom and step away from the desk. Twenty-four hours a day, the cameras are running and recording. Often, when thieves are planning a heist, they complete a surveillance to see when there is a change of guards, what their routines for breaks and patrols are, and they can plan around this routine. With a virtual guard, there is no change of routine, and this makes it harder to plan and deter them.

Another reason to consider virtual guards is coverage.

A physical guard has limits as to what they can see. A person can see in front and a little to the side of their face; they cannot see behind them, and this limits their vision. A virtual guard can be placed in order to see 360 degrees of a room without any blind spots.

Audio can be important, especially when recording a potential crime.

A physical guard may only hear parts of a conversation or mishear information that could be crucial to an investigation. Think of the game of telephone we played as kids and how mixed up the message was at the end. Add more time and the witness may no longer be reliable. A virtual guard can have state-of-the-art powerful audio. When this is recording, there can be no doubt about what was said, and if there is a time lapse, this is no longer a concern because it is recorded and there is no worry about forgotten information.

A virtual guard may be able help to solve a potential crime through small, unknown details that a physical guard may not remember.

For example, a clue to a crime may be a car that was seen driving by the business, casing the area for a few days. A physical guard may not notice because it may not appear to be suspicious; however, when looking through the recordings from a virtual guard, this may become apparent.

Other ways a virtual guard could help include scanning and recording all people in the building. A physical guard would not be able to describe everyone in the building at all times, but a virtual guard has it recorded, and this information could be used.

Affordability is another reason to consider virtual guards over physical guards.

There is a cost for hiring guards. You may need multiple guards and multiple shifts, and this can begin to add up. If the company is hiring an agency, there is the cost of the guards and the cost to the agency as well. There could be increases in costs and possible costs of equipment. When using a virtual guard, they run twenty-four hours a day without a change of cost. In most cases, this is a one-time installation fee, or if monitored, there could be a small cost, but it will be lower than hiring physical guards.

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