HD Security Camera and a mobile app with the view of the camera

Intelligent Video Monitoring for Your Property

Have you ever wondered what was going on at home when you were not there? Perhaps you have teens you want to check on or a new babysitter. Maybe you want to be able to look in on your pets. On the other hand, perhaps you are a business owner who wants to check on the business when you’re away from the office or out of town. 

This is where intelligent video monitoring comes in. Securiteam has partnered with Logipix to provide clients with a panoramic HD camera to monitor their property. We are the only approved installer of this intelligent video monitoring system in Florida. 

What are the features of Intelligent Video Surveillance? 

A traditional video surveillance system is restrained to an on/off switch, which often means you end up with hours upon hours of fuzzy, unusable video. This means that it’s nearly impossible to be effective with surveillance, monitoring, and identifying criminals. 

This is not the case with intelligent video monitoring- instead, you will see the following improvements: 

  • Ability to track a moving target 
  • Auto Audio/video detects suspicious activity, triggering alarms to alert property owners of possible threats. 
  • HD picture quality, including night vision tech, triggered by motion sensors- this means that if nothing is happening, your cameras are not recording. 
  • Can detect when the camera is tampered with 
  • License plate recognition 
  • Notification sent to operators and field personnel 
  • Ability to count the number of people entering/leaving the area 
  • Initiation of video recording, alarms/alerts, other actions 

How do intelligent video surveillance systems work? 

At this point, you’re probably already familiar with things such as voice commands or video doorbells to protect your home and business. Intelligent video surveillance is one of the newest conveniences to the market and is quickly becoming essential. 

Most of us are familiar with wired alarm systems. However, many companies, including Securiteam, now offer wireless systems- which most of us are unfamiliar with. 

Let’s look at how these wireless systems work. 

First, a professional security expert from Securiteam will set up wireless communication protocols. This will allow the sensors to communicate with the hub. The hub is connected to the security company- typically through cellular technology. However, Wi-Fi is another option for connecting the hub with the company. 

Then, they will set up your system. This means you don’t have to do anything. Let the experts take care of the installation. 

The Future of Property Protection 

The National Council for Home Safety & Security states that homes without a security system are 300% more likely to be burglarized. In the past, security systems were expensive to install and maintain. However, intelligent video surveillance systems are becoming more affordable as they become more popular. This is partly because it doesn’t require intensive manpower/time to monitor a traditional video system. 

When you add a video to a home security system that you can control with your smartphone, you can access live video/audio feeds from inside your property any time of the day or night- no matter where you are. 

Criminals are becoming more sophisticated- therefore, property owners must stay one step ahead of them by using the most advanced technology available. 

Benefits of Intelligent Video Monitoring for Your Home 

This new way of monitoring and protecting property is making waves in the world of security. You are much more likely to detect criminal activity while also decreasing the number of man-hours required to monitor these systems. 

One study by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte indicated that security cameras effectively deterred criminal activity. Most potential intruders leave when they see outdoor security cameras. They surveyed a group of random incarcerated individuals. Here’s what they found: 

  • 60% say the presence of an alarm system is a critical factor when choosing a target 
  • 43% say they find another target if there is an alarm system present 
  • 50% say they left immediately when they spot a security system, and 40% say they sometimes left 
  • More than 80% say they would not try to disable a security system but would leave it alone 

Another benefit to an intelligent video monitoring system is saving money on your homeowner’s insurance. Many companies provide a discount of 5% to 20% for installing a security system. This is because the images captured by the camera can help you report damages when filing a claim if your home is targeted. 

Let Us Install Your Intelligent Video Monitoring System 

Securiteam uses Logipix cameras and is the only approved installer for this brand in the entire state of Florida. This security system is not just for home/business applications. Other areas can be used, including city center/plaza regulation, entertainment venues/stadiums that large crowds gather, and so much more!