Intelligent Video Monitoring

Society advances quickly. When it comes to protecting businesses and facilities, it’s more important than ever to stay ahead of the technological curve. At Securiteam, our dedication to providing customers with innovative security options has extended to high-definition surveillance solutions that are one of a kind.

Using ultra high-definition security cameras and advanced software solutions, we are able to take wide-area surveillance to the next level of efficiency and excellence. The Securiteam professionals are proud to be able to offer customers access to the Logipix surveillance system, which elevates the concept of high-tech and ultra high-def surveillance to impressive new standards.

An Ultra High-Definition Surveillance Partnership with Logipix

At Securiteam, we’ve long been in the business of surveillance protection. However, with the ultra high-def surveillance option, we now provide clients with the Logipix panorama camera that takes security standards to new heights.

Securiteam is the only approved installer of this intelligent video monitoring solution in the entire state of Florida. We’re proud to hold this exclusive status and even more excited to equip our customers with Logipix high-definition security cameras.

This technology breaks right through every hurdle that stands in the way of traditional surveillance cameras. These ultra high-definition surveillance solutions provide a new option to access wide surveillance images from a convenient single viewpoint.

Where Can Intelligent Video Monitoring Be Used?

Intelligent video monitoring can prove extremely useful in a variety of high-traffic locations. They provide the advanced technology to keep airports safe and function just as efficiently around seaports. They’re quickly becoming a staple security feature in both government and defense facilities.

Sports stadiums and other critical infrastructure, such as transportation hubs, benefit from high-definition security cameras as well. This is due to their high-megapixel images paired with real-time analytics.

Logipix has the unique capability to detect objects within a panoramic frame at varying distances. This proves to be an invaluable advanced technology able to keep ports and airports safe. Threats of collision in transportation hubs can be reduced significantly with advanced warning of this type.

Unique Features

While the Logipix panorama high-definition security cameras are available to consumers working with various construction specifics, the technology features are fantastically similar. These multisensory cameras are built with several hundred megapixels to capture wide areas at high resolution.

These cameras are capturing images from 20MP to 320MP and can be stitched up to as high as 960MP. Logipix panorama solutions are designed with thermal control in mind, making them ideal for installing in any climate.

The climate control technology is accomplished through the inclusion of fans, sun shields, glass heating, and heat pipes, that keep the camera at an operational temperature at all times. Designs are also available in white finishes for high-definition panoramic views that are required in extremely hot environments.

While these cameras are highly regarded for their panoramic image capabilities, they’re also designed to be self-sufficient, which adds to their long list of functional benefits. Each camera comes with self-cleaning capabilities through to the inclusion of a water tank and wipers. Cleaning can be set as an automatic function or manually adjusted when needed.

Creating panoramic and high-definition images is a multistep process that happens so quickly in these cameras, it appears seamless to the human eye. The panoramic view that an operator sees is the result of several 20MP images being stitched together in real time. This eliminates the possibility of hidden areas, and because the images are captured by a single camera, it’s easy to move the technology around as needed.

Customers and facilities that require panoramic high-definition imaging are generally complex organizations. Places like airports, seaports, train stations, and stadiums are relying on a collection of technology to keep guests and employees safe at all times.

To that end, these high-definition cameras are designed with the seamless capability to integrate with existing technologies and make installation easier than ever. Whether it’s other long-range cameras, video management software, or recording devices, panoramic ultra high-definition surveillance solutions work well in the mix.

Amazing Functionality

At Securiteam, we offer customers this solution with the utmost confidence thanks to the impressive functionality each is built to display. Beyond image stitching, we can capture panoramic views with unsurpassed resolution and accuracy.

Exceptional image synchronization allows these surveillance cameras to capture images without glitches or delays at any time. Operators never have to worry about time-fragmented pictures and can instead watch images in real time as they are.

Natural footage is further enhanced with the camera’s built-in white balancing technology. This not only smoothens the gradient but makes it easy to detect actual anomalies within the footage.

Being able to pick out a unique object within an infrastructure image could be nearly impossible if left up to just the human eye. These cameras come with the capability to not only capture panoramic views but track specific images as well. Whether it’s a car, person, animal, or aircraft, the camera’s video content analysis feature can lock in on an object whenever necessary and follow it without interruption.

Benefits of Intelligent Video Monitoring Solutions

There are many benefits to installing an intelligent video monitoring solution in high-traffic areas. While traditional systems implement a collection of low-resolution cameras to cover open areas, these cameras utilize a single installation point to capture an extensive area clearly and in real time.

Intelligent video monitoring solutions are extremely important when it comes to:

Large panoramic images paired with high-resolution standards make it easier than ever to keep potentially dangerous areas in check. The ability to lock in on unusual objects or suspicious individuals long before they reach a central location is crucial to keeping crowds safe.

With scalable components and simplified maintenance standards built into the cameras, operators enjoy peace of mind that their views on areas like airports and seaports aren’t going to falter. When surveillance is made effective and simple, everyone is safer.

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