Security Camera in a School

Keeping Schools Safe and Secure

School Safety and Security

Safety and security should be a top priority for schools. Protecting schools against intruders, gun violence, fires, and other unprecedented events is essential within a working educational environment. Students, their families, and the school faculty should not worry about school safety risks. Installing a security system within a school’s facilities can reassure faculty, students, and their families that they are safe when they are on campus. 

To make sure your school is safe, you can establish a security system designed to protect your school’s campus from dangers. Evaluate your current security plan to make sure you are doing everything in your power to lower the safety risks for students and faculty on campus. There are several different tools you can include within your security system to protect the people within your school. 

3 Tools You Can Use to Keep Your School Safe and Secure

Taking steps to ensure your security system is adequate for school protection can help keep student’s and faculty’s minds at ease on campus. Stepping up your security can lower the school’s overall liability risks by decreasing the likelihood of an incident taking place at the school.

Here are three tools you can use to keep your school safe and secure:

Full-Service Access Control

A security system featuring complete access control can lower the risks of trespassers or security threats entering areas they shouldn’t be allowed to access. With these systems, you can control entry to areas on the property. There are various types of access control systems that you can choose from, such as keypad code entry, biometric systems that check fingerprints or irises, keycard entry, or a two-way intercom system that requires people to request entry.

These security systems for schools can also feature tools that can lock down the school in the event of an emergency. All-access control entrances can be remotely locked simultaneously, preventing anyone from passing through. This security feature can prevent an active shooter on campus from moving around the building. Confining an active shooter to one area can help law enforcement take them into custody while minimizing injuries. If students and faculty need to exit the building in an emergency, access control entrances can all be remotely unlocked to allow people to exit easily. 

HD Video Surveillance

Installing HD video surveillance cameras around the school can help oversee the safety and security of the students and faculty. High-definition footage can be easier to examine and help you accurately depict what is happening around the property. Low-quality surveillance footage can make it difficult to monitor activity on a school campus.

Video surveillance systems can also feature two-way audio communication systems that allow you to speak to intruders and attempt to deter them from entering the premises. Surveillance cameras can be placed near entrances, exits, parking lots, hallways, stairwells, and other areas around the school to monitor and identify security threats

Alarm Systems

Installing alarm systems on a school campus is an effective method of preventing intruders in unwanted places. Alarm systems are also valuable for detecting fires, smoke, CO2, or other safety risks within the school’s buildings. Identify safety risks before they become a problem by installing alarm systems on your school’s campus.

Including alarm systems within your security system is vital. These systems notify students and faculty when a safety or security risk is present to respond accordingly. Alarm systems are also effective for preventing intruders when school is not in session. 

Start Keeping Your School Safe Today

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