Are Your Parking Lots Safe?

Security Systems for Commercial Properties and Parking Lots

Are you a commercial property manager wondering whether your parking lots are safe? Good! As a property manager, having effective security systems for your commercial property in place is critical. Keeping your tenants safe and secure should be one of your top priorities. 

A commonly overlooked aspect of commercial property security is the parking lot. Are your parking lots safe? Evaluating your parking lot safety is the best way to determine if your parking lots are safe.

You must do everything you can to provide a safe parking experience. When evaluating parking lot safety, you need to identify the possible safety risks that can arise. Recognizing these risks can help you put preventative measures in place to keep your parking lots safe.

Identifying Parking Lot Safety Risks

Several potential safety risks can occur in parking lots. These potential risks can involve trespassers, thieves, and property safety hazards. If your parking lot is not entirely secure, the premises could welcome unauthorized trespassers and car thieves. Property safety hazards, such as potholes, cracks in the pavement, or lack of speedbumps, could result in bodily injury. Identifying these risks is the only way to manage them. Risk management will help you guarantee your parking lot is safe for your tenants. Having a safe parking lot will strengthen your security systems for your commercial property.

Parking Lot Safety Evaluation

Answer these questions to evaluate whether or not your parking lot is safe:

Do You Have Video Surveillance Installed?

Video surveillance is an effective way to monitor activity in your parking lot. Ensure that isolated areas, such as stairwells and indoor parking garages, have proper security camera coverage. Placing video surveillance cameras can ensure your tenants are safe when entering and leaving their vehicles. They can also prevent car theft, as thieves are less likely to commit crimes when a surveillance camera is present.

Is the Parking Lot Well-Lit?

Having a well-lit parking lot can prevent tenants from injuring themselves by running into unseen obstacles. Proper lighting can also keep tenants safe from trespassers. If a parking lot is dark, tenants are more at risk of being victims of crimes since the incident could be out of view of witnesses. A well-lit parking lot also allows better video surveillance with clear footage.

Is There a Security Guard on the Premises?

A security guard, either physical or virtual, can help guarantee that parking lots are safe. Employing a virtual security guard can be more cost-efficient than having a physical one. Virtual security is also more effective and can provide a quicker response time to incidents. They can provide 24/7 monitoring of video surveillance and are highly trained to detect potential safety threats.

Does the Parking Lot Have Automated Gate Control?

Automated gate control is a valuable tool for keeping parking lots safe. Unauthorized vehicles cannot enter without a key card or a badge, so this guarantees that only tenants and authorized guests can enter the parking lot. Installing automated gate control is crucial to upholding the highest safety standards for your parking lot.

Is the Parking Lot Well-Kept and Free of Safety Hazards?

A parking lot full of safety hazards can be dangerous to tenants. Be sure to check the parking lot for any potholes, cracks, or unkempt areas. Unkempt areas can attract trespassers, giving them the impression that the parking lot is unattended. Potholes, cracks, or any large, misplaced items can cause bodily injury. It’s important to do weekly checks to ensure the area is free of hazards. 

Are Pedestrians Safe from Vehicles?

Installing speed bumps around the parking lot can also ensure safety. Speed bumps prevent cars from speeding and lower the risk of vehicular injury for pedestrians in the parking lot. Adding stop signs and speed limit signs in appropriate places can also slow down traffic in the parking lot. Slowing down traffic will help keep pedestrians safe from vehicles in your parking lot.

Did you answer “no” to one or more of these questions? 

If so, it’s time to address the safety of your parking lot. Parking lots can be a high-risk place for injury and crime, and as a property manager, it’s up to you to do everything you can to make your parking lot a safe place for tenants. When developing security systems for commercial properties, parking lot safety simply cannot be ignored.

Take action today and assess your current parking lot security. If your parking lot is hazardous and unsafe, some changes may be required. Making necessary changes to the security system for your commercial property will ensure 100% tenant safety, even when they’re in the parking lot.