When A HD 1080p Surveillance System is not enough…

High definition (HD) video surveillance has become the standard for new installations. However not all HD surveillance installations are created equally.

Many surveillance systems manufacturers now offer HD 1080p surveillance systems that operate over standard coaxial cabling. HD-TVI, HD-SDI OR Analog HD technologies (I will compare these technologies in a future post) now allow most security contractors to offer entry-level HD solutions to their clients. However, these technologies are limited to 2 megapixels (1080p) resolution now and for the foreseeable future.

Upon first glance, it would seem that HD A 1080p surveillance system would be enough to provide adequate images for most applications. After all the vast majority of home televisions, today feature clear detailed images at 1080p. One would think that images of this quality would be sufficient for surveillance applications. Unfortunately, the clarity of your favorite TV show isn’t a good barometer of whether HD 1080p CCTV is sufficient for your security application. The fact is that your couch at home is likely only within 15 feet of your television. Also the program your watching was filmed by a professional cameraman in control of a zoom lens connected to a $10,000 camera.  Additionally, the camera is usually within 15 feet of the subject.

On the other hand, surveillance cameras often cover broad indoor and outdoor scenes of 50-100 feet or more. In these applications, a 2 megapixel HD 1080p surveillance system will not offer sufficient detail. Fortunately, higher megapixel cameras are available for your security deployment.

At Securiteam, we are not restricted by the limitations of analog 1080p cameras. We currently feature 4.1 megapixel, 4K (8 megapixel) and 8K (16 megapixel) cameras that offer up to 8X the detail analog HD cameras. More pixels = greater detail. Greater detail can be the difference between identifying someone or something or not.

Selecting the right cameras to protect your community, business or home is dependent on several factors. An experienced, factory-certified surveillance engineer from Securiteam can help you decide which option is best for you. Whether your security deployment consists of HD 1080p surveillance, super HD surveillance, 4k or 8k technology. our objective is to design the best system that fits your budget. Securiteam also offers virtual security guards, intrusion alarms, and access control systems in Tampa, FL.

HD 1080p comparison with 4.1 megapixel