Amenity Center Security: Crucial for Resident Safety and Happiness

Estancia Community Wesley Chapel Amenity Center Communities around the Tampa Bay area spend a lot of time, much effort and massive amounts of money developing their amenity centers and common areas. Keeping residents happy and secure, and community assets safe is a crucial amenity for property and community managers to offer; however, it is sometimes an afterthought or not even addressed at all until something unfortunate happens. Certainly, property managers would be wise to proactively address amenity center security and ensure the safety of the residents and the proper protection of the community’s assets as well.

Amenity Center Security Issues
vandalized swimming pool

HOAs, CDDs, and apartment and condo complexes alike need to be aware of the real or perceived risk of vandalism and unauthorized usage of amenity center facilities.  Nothing is worse than coming to work in the morning and finding all the patio furniture in the pool— and not having a clue who did it and how to thwart the next amenity center vandalism. Other problems arise when non-residents frequent community pools, basketball courts and even playgrounds.

  • Vandalism– From ruined patio furniture to broken pool jets to graffiti.
  • Trespassing– Not knowing who is using your pool makes everyone a little less safe.
  • Theft– Thefts from residents at the pool can leave them less than happy with their community.
  • Liability –People can and do drown and get otherwise injured, especially when swimming after hours.
  • Pool area closed sign Down time– Another problem is that problems might result in closing the amenity center for repairs or investigations, resulting in UNHAPPY residents.

When an amenity center receives damage from vandalism or there are increased incidents of theft or other crimes, insurance rates go up for all the residents. In addition to increases in rates, the damage must be repaired and costly maintenance performed to return the swimming pool area to proper operating condition. Needless to say, identifying the culprits is critical to ensuring that it does not happen again, and that those who caused the problems are held responsible for the cleanup and repair, lessening the financial burden for residents.

Amenity Center Security Solutions

Luckily, amenity center security is easier today than in year’s past. Advanced technology, from security cameras to access control and video analytics, can keep a pool area safe even in the middle of the night.

  • Controlled Access— Keeping people out that are not supposed to be in your amenity center area goes a long way toward securing the area. It also lets you knono trespassing in pool sign w who was in the area at what times, helping to pinpoint any problems.
  • Emergency Buttons– Adding “panic buttons” can help residents summon emergency assistance when needed.
  • Surveillance Cameras– Camera surveillance has been the go-to solution for some time, and it is extremely popular, especially in combination with video analytics.  You can view what is going on in your amenity center area in real time.
  • Video Analytics– Video analytics works alongside surveillance cameras, and can alert you when someone breaks the perimeter of your facility, or if a high-value asset is removed.

Selecting a provider to setup amenity center security should not be taken lightly. Be sure that you choose a company which is experienced in this type of commercial security, that can offer a system which addresses all of your needs, and is ready, willing, and able to handle any maintenance or service needs. Our experienced team here in Tampa will make a thorough assessment of your facility before offering our recommendations; after all, there is no “one size fits all” amenity center security solution. Securiteam– 813-909-7775!