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“Vandals Strike a Third Time.” An Access Control Problem for Property Managers

Earlier this year, an access control problem for a property manager was summed up in the following headline for an Apartment Complex in Jackson Mississippi.

“Vandals strike a third time, slashing tires at apartment complexes”

In this case property in the area had been vandalized weeks earlier, making the property the third one to be vandalized in just a few months. According to Jackson police, more than 100 vehicles were targeted. Tires were punctured or slashed throughout the apartment complex.

Residents were angry and, of course, the negative publicity was something no property manager would want to receive. As it turns out, the property had an access control problem with a gate entry and apparently a video surveillance system without proactive capabilities.

How This Property Manager’s Access Control Problem and Nightmare Headline Might Have Been Avoided

Of course, this can happen anywhere without the proper security systems. And if you are the Property Manager in this instance, this is a headline you don’t want to see in the local media about your property.

This property manager might have avoided this situation altogether with a properly installed security system. Access controls addressing the apartment complex gate entry and a video surveillance system with adaptive video analytics could have stopped these vandals in their tracks.

Better gate controls might have avoided these vandals gaining access to the premises, but even if they succeeded in gaining access, a proactive security system with Virtual Security Patrol video analytics systems including adaptive video analytics could have identified the intrusion in real-time, alerting security personnel or the police to the intrusion. Two-way audio capabilities could have scared the vandals off before they did any damage.

Want to know more about how this sort of security system can work for you to avoid an access control problem and other types of property manager nightmare headlines?

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