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Adaptive Video Analytics: Security Everywhere. For less. Here’s How to Do It

Security Everywhere. For less. The expectations are demanding for Security Directors.

The lament of many a Security Director: “How can my security teams be everywhere!”

With multiple locations, theft and vandalism rising and the growing threat of violence, the pressure is on to find new ways to “be everywhere,” and to do it for less.

Video Surveillance is a Common Solution, but …

Video surveillance in Tampa is growing exponentially, providing “eyes” everywhere, but there is a fundamental problem. Only about 5% of the video captured is actually monitored. Traditional video surveillance systems can’t prevent things from happening, they just record what does happen in the hopes that authorities can unravel the facts and eventually locate the perpetrators…hopefully. This is what most companies are doing.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could prevent the incident and associated financial loss from happening in the first place?

Adaptive Video Analytics Answers the “Security Everywhere” Problem

Self-calibrating, adaptive video analytics systems are the answer to this problem. These systems learn over time, avoiding false alarms, and alerting security control or the authorities about activities on your property that are out of the “norm.” And with two way audio, security can drive them away before any damage is done.

It’s proactive security that allows you to reduce security guard costs and still provide “security everywhere.” Better security, at lower costs.

Isn’t it time for a proactive solution instead of a forensic approach. One that truly does allow your security team to be everywhere?

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