The customer was a daycare facility / after school care that needed to satisfy several state and local certification bodies in order to protect the lives of the children and staff and to open their doors in a timely manner. Because of the insurance requirements for such a facility, a well designed and properly installed fire alarm system is crucial. Fire alarm systems MUST be designed to strict criteria and they MUST work. Because fire alarm is such a specialized and regulated system, it was imperative for them to work with a company that they could trust.

Problem Being Addressed

The primary objective of the client when Securiteam was brought into the project was to test, troubleshoot and repair their pre-existing fire alarm system. While they were under a bit of a time crunch, there was nothing, on the surface, that seemed as if it would cause an obstacle.

Upon investigation, there were several issues that were uncovered regarding their fire alarm. Specifically, there were devices that were not properly connected to the control panel, there were appliances that were not operational and there had been substantial work performed on the property and fire alarm system that had not been approved or inspected by the Authority Having Jurisdiction. The previous owner of the property had taken shortcuts which threatened to close down the new tenents before they even opened up.

Securiteam, working closely with the local fire marshal and building department, was able to design a complete system, gain approval for the design, install, test and inspect the new equipment to ensure that all code requirements, and relevant stakeholders, were satisfied.

The Approach Taken

Once we became aware of the gravitry of the situation, and the potential impact it would have on the lives and property of the enterprise, Securiteam immediately acted to involve every party that could and would be essential for a timely and successful completion. Involving city officials, the building owner and tenents and our system design team, Securiteam was able to guide the customer through the process of permitting, submittal, approval and inspections in a manner that did not detract form their primary mission, yet served to help them keep the process moving and to meet their deadline


The day care facility was able to open on time, and to this day the joyous laughter of small children can be heard by passers by. The owners of the business are able to rest assured that their investment is protected and are rapidly planning on opening up additional locations. When they do, Securiteam will stand ready to assist.