Customer is involved in distribution, warehousing and shipping of retail merchandise for a Fortune 500 company. 

As with most shipping / warehousing companies, they have a large lot that requires electronic, as well as manned, security in order to monitor activity within the perimeter of the property.

Problem Being Addressed

A key element of the client’s perimeter security was dependent upon motion detection appliances connected to a control that had been “jerry-rigged” by a previously contracted vendor. The motion detection appliances began to frequently initiate a nusisaince alarm (detecting motion where none was present) which numerous attempts by other parties had been unable to rectify.

The client’s inability to rely upon their system led to numerous collateral problems, including;

The Approach Taken

Rather than attempting to rely upon the work of other vendors, Securiteam tooak a fresh approach and viewed it as is we were charged with designing a soulution from square one. Taking this approach freed us, and the client, from the limitations imposed by a poorly designed system that was literally cobbled together and provided the user with an opportunity to address other concerns that had been ignored due to previous configuration limitations.


Designing a solution from the ground up enabled us to provide the user with greater flexibility in the day to day management of their system. So, in addition to correcting a problem that had plagued them and rectifying the ‘false alarm’ conditions, we are actually able to aid them in better managing their costs associated with the security system and protocol.