Does My Business Need an Access Control System?

You’ve heard the term “access control,” but you may not be 100% certain exactly what it means. An access control system allows you to control who enters your business, as well as when they can enter, and you can specify the areas they can access. Many years ago, an access control system was a receptionist or security guard sitting at a desk with a sign-in/sign-out sheet. However, technology has advanced exponentially, creating more reliable and secure systems, such as keypads, biometric devices, keycard/fob readers, and so much more. 

Many business owners ask if their business needs an access control system- especially if they are a small business. Some business owners believe their business is too small for an access control system. Maybe they think it’s just not in the budget, or they don’t think the risk is big enough to make the investment worthwhile. 

 The truth is, security can be an issue, no matter what size your business is. In this article, we will give you 9 reasons you should consider investing in an access control system. 

9 Reasons You Need an Access Control System 

Yes, you do need an access control system for your business. Here’s why: 

Reduces risk of theft 

If your small business deals with physical inventory, you are a target for theft. Even things like equipment and office supplies are targets. You’re probably thinking, “I trust my employees; I would not have hired them if I thought they would steal from me.” While that may be true, statistics have shown that businesses lose around $50 billion every year due to employees stealing. 

An access control system will make it much more difficult for things to go missing because an outsider will not be able to gain access to steal those items. If an employee is stealing, you will have a record of who is entering and exiting storage areas- which can help you figure out who is responsible. Additionally, an access control system allows you to limit who can enter areas with high-value items, which reduces the risk of employee theft. 

Another common issue is the theft of proprietary information. You want to keep documents and other materials with secret info about your company under wraps, and an access control system will make this much easier. 

Protects Employees

An access control system keeps your employees safe because it allows them to enter the building quickly. They won’t have to stand outside, digging for keys or getting the key into the lock and turning it. Instead, they can use biometrics or a keycard to quickly enter the building, which reduces their risk of being attacked. 

Then, they feel more secure once they are inside because they know that random people can’t get in. Only those who have authorization will be able to come in. This allows them to focus more on their work since they don’t have to be concerned with outside threats, which is a comfort for employees working evenings or overnights. 

Restricts Access to Certain Areas

If you deal with high-value items, dangerous activities, or sensitive information, you will probably want to limit who can access certain areas. After all, not everyone who works for you needs access to production areas where there is dangerous equipment and/or hazardous chemicals. 

You can set up your access control system to only allow access to the areas they need to access and keep them out of areas they don’t need to be in. 

Additionally, if customers enter your business, you may want some areas to be employee-only, such as storage areas, office space, production, and more. If you do not have an access control system, customers or other outsiders could access those areas, resulting in problems for you and them. 

Records Activity

Even if you have a very small business, it can be difficult to keep up with who is coming and going. If you have an access control system in place, it records every person who enters and exits doors connected to the system. 

This allows you as a business owner to keep up with employee attendance and activity because you will be able to determine if your employees are working where they are supposed to when they are supposed to. This way, if something happens, such as theft or damage, you will be able to review the log to find out who had access to the area when the incident occurred. 

Even if you only have a few employees, handing out keys can be hard to manage because if one person loses their key, you will likely need to change the locks on your building, which can be a major expense. 

However, with an access control system, if you have a keycard/key fob system and someone loses theirs, you can turn that one off and activate a new one.

Makes Employee Termination Easier

In addition, if you have a company that resigns or that you must terminate, its easier to end their access to the building. You can deactivate their credentials. If you have keys, though, even if you do get the key back from the employee, there’s no guarantee that they didn’t make a copy. You leave yourself open to unauthorized access. 

Allows Automation of Limited Access

You may want to allow access to certain business areas for a limited time. For example, if office hours are from 9 AM to 3 PM Monday through Friday, your clients need access. You can set up your system to allow certain doors to open during those times so clients can enter. You can still have other areas of your building only accessible by those authorized. 

This is also a great feature if you have an outside vendor, such as a cleaning service that comes in once a week at night. You can set up the system where it allows their credentials to work during those times only. This will ensure that they are not in the building when they are not supposed to be. 

Allows Remote Access

If you have a contractor/repair person coming to do some work when you are not in the office, you can allow them to enter remotely. This means that you don’t have to make a special trip to the office or wait around for them to get there.

Overcomes Employee Mistakes

With a standard lock/key system, if you have an employee responsible for locking up, but they forget to do so, your business is at risk. However, if you have an access control system, the doors are locked and require proper credentials to enter- so you don’t have to worry about doors being left unlocked. 

Say Yes to an Access Control System for Your Business

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