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The Ultimate Guide to Access Control Systems

If you have a business in Tampa, Florida, an access control system is necessary to ensure the security of your business. However, you must understand what it does and how much security it gives you before investing in one. 

An access control system monitors and controls who enters/leaves your business. It can restrict access to specific areas, only allowing those with certain credentials to enter those areas. 

Perhaps your current system needs to be updated- or maybe you need to have one installed for the first time. Either way, we’ll explain more about an access control system, the various authentication types, and finally, the common features of modern access control systems. This will help you make some decisions about the security of your business. 

What is an access control system?

An access control system is critical for ensuring the security of your business. It allows you to control who enters/exits your business. At this time, cybersecurity is a priority for many business owners- but controlling your physical environment is the first step in defending your business. 

Access control keeps thieves/intruders out, and it can also prevent employee misconduct. Of course, you want to make sure that your employees, data, and assets are protected. In addition to controlling access in general, you can set access levels in the various areas of your business.

Types of Authentication

Many businesses use access control. Some use something as straightforward as a receptionist by the front door with a sign-in sheet. However, due to the advancements in technology, this type of system is outdated. Today’s tech offers a variety of different options: 

  • Keycard/fob
  • Password/pin code 
  • Biometrics (facial/fingerprint scans) 
  • Mobile apps/barcode

How tech has Chanced Access Control 

The newer types of access control are much more advanced. You can immediately turn off access if needed, such as an employee leaving or being terminated from your company. 

In the past, businesses relied on receptionists or security guards to control who entered/left. 

However, tech speeds this process up. Also, an advanced system is ideal during emergencies because you can quickly lock down the property if something happens. Finally, many systems can be integrated into the HVAC or electrical system so that you can remotely control the use of these resources when space is being used or not being used. 

Common Features of Access Control Systems

When considering access control systems, it’s important to note that they are not all the same- so it helps to understand the various features that you can include in your system. Following are some of the common features of advanced access control systems. 

Remote locking/unlocking

One of the most interesting features of a modern system is that you can remotely lock/unlock the property using an app on your smartphone/tablet. This makes security and access control so much easier. This feature allows you to maintain control of your system from anywhere you are in the world. 

Also, you can receive information anywhere in the world, including who is entering and/or leaving your business. This is ideal for businesses that have third-party partners or frequent visitors. 

Digital passcards

Standard keycards/fobs are a hassle with today’s advanced tech. Additionally, they are risky because they can easily get lost or damaged. If you need to replace a keycard/fob, it can be quite expensive, and if it gets lost or stolen, it could fall into the wrong hands. 

A digital key card is more efficient and secure, and it lives on the users’ mobile device- which increases your security and mitigates your risk. 

Real-time info

Modern access control systems give owners real-time information, keeping you informed with analytics and tracking information instantly.

You can find anything or anyone, including getting alerted when the system identifies suspicious activity. For example, a door is opened more often than usual or left open longer than necessary. In addition, you will know if more people are entering a certain area than usually do. 

Security is scalable

Your access control system can grow with your business, which is helpful whether you are growing or downsizing. Most of the modern systems can easily be adjusted to meet your needs. If you are growing, you won’t have to change your system or invest in more tech. You should only need a few add-ons (if anything) to scale up your system.  

Increases efficiency

You may believe that this tech would make it harder on the property manager or IT department- but this isn’t true. Most of the access control systems auto-update and are included in the cost of the system/service. 

Additionally, no training is required. If you need a manual update, it’s an easy process. Most companies offer remote tech support- so you always have someone you can reach out to if there’s an issue. 


Now that you know more about modern access control systems, it’s important to note that a system is only as good as the servicer. If you have a business in or around Tampa, Florida, consider using Securiteam for your access control needs. We would love to offer you more information on our other security solutions. Schedule your assessment today if you are interested in overhauling your current system.