An Apartment Complex Using Video Surveillance and Gates

What to Look for When Moving to a New Development

Safety and security should be at the top of your list when you move to a new gated community development. A gated community offers well-maintained living conditions with restricted access. 

One of the major expectations that residents of a gated community have is that it offers the best possible security, both through human means and electronic, such as virtual security guards. This is a critical part of gated communities where 24-hour security and surveillance staff charge the gates. In addition, smart home devices, such as automated security systems and alarms, keep you secure in your residence. While it’s true that safety measures will differ from one development or property to the next, the best ones provide an array of safety features with backup measures in place so that you and your family can live safe and happy. 

Everyone should keep a few security-related elements in mind when considering moving to new gated development. These are in place safeguards for you and your family, as well as your personal property. These security levels include community safety, personal property safety, vehicle safety, and neighborhood safety. 

Community Safety 

One of the primary responsibilities of a gated community is the safety of those living there. This is guaranteed in those gated communities that only allow residents and approved guests to enter. These communities typically have strictly controlled gates that are closed at all times. While the communities with staff in charge of the gates are safe, you may be safer in those with a virtual security guard present. With a virtual guard, the gate is protected 24/7. 

Either way, when guests to the community are restricted, it automatically means the development is that much safer. You can enjoy peace both inside your home and out in the community. 

Unfortunately, most people jump right into their new gated community home without thinking about security. However, you must pay attention to make sure everything is working. In addition to access control gates, you need to check lighting throughout the property and through breezeways, etc. If there’s a gate, make sure that it is secured at all times, and if you are in an apartment building, it’s important to make sure that the front door is secured as well. 

Safety within Your Residence

Some people choose to live in an apartment-style gated community because every apartment is safe, and there is some type of security system in place in each unit. There are areas within the community that are restricted to prevent non-authorized individuals from entering. Residents in gated communities such as this don’t have to be concerned about disturbances and are assured a certain privacy level. 

Of course, even when you live in a gated community with security staff on duty, you need to be alert and aware of what is happening around you. If provided, you must protect yourself and take personal security measures such as using intercoms and alarm systems in your personal spaces. If not provided, you can consider having these security measures installed. 

Safety of Vehicles 

A third feature you should look for when moving to a new gated community is vehicle safety. Typically, gated communities have parking areas for cars and other vehicles that residents might use. This means that multiple cars can be parked in a safe location where only residents can access them. Plus, the number of vehicles is often restricted, which reduces the problem of unwanted traffic within the community. See more tips on parking lot safety here.

Safety of the Neighborhood

In addition to the safety of the gated community, you will also want to take time to consider the neighborhood as a whole. Be sure that you take the time to visit both during the day and at night to ensure that you feel safe and secure in the surroundings. One way to do this is by talking with neighbors to find out how they feel about living there. Some of them might give you ideas on how you can fix your safety concerns. 


If you are interested in moving into a gated community, you must pay attention to the security features within the community. You should also pay attention to the security features within your particular unit. Schedule an assessment today so that the professionals at Securiteam can help you be confident that your area is completely protected.