Do “Dummy” Security Cameras Work to Deter Crime?

A fake, or “dummy,” security camera is designed to resemble a real security camera in appearance. However, they do not have the functions or features of a real security camera. These fake security cameras are available in various shapes and sizes, and some include features such as a red light or motion detection. 

Since the price is a lot lower than real security cameras, it’s no wonder that people often wonder if they would work to deter crime. After all, if they look real, why wouldn’t they fool potential intruders? The truth is, they don’t do anything to keep criminals off of your property. 

9 Reasons Not to Purchase and Install “Dummy” Cameras 

Below, we will look at the top 9 reasons you should not purchase and install fake security cameras. 

They are not always less expensive than real ones. 

One of the primary reasons people often choose fake security cameras is to save money. After all, popular opinion is that fake ones are cheaper than real ones. That is not always the case, though. There are real security cameras on the market that are budget-friendly. 

Additionally, a real security camera can decrease your insurance premiums for your home or business. 

They are easy to identify.

You might not believe it, but criminals are pretty smart. An experienced criminal can easily tell the difference between fake security cameras and real ones. For example, many fake security cameras feature missing wires, arbitrary movement of the lens, and a blinking light. If a criminal knows that you are installing fake security cameras, you may end up being their next target. 

They don’t catch or record anything. 

A real security camera will catch criminals in the act. On the other hand, a fake security camera is nothing more than a useless decoration. Since it’s not functional, it doesn’t help you at all. 

They have no remote access. 

A real security camera will have remote accessibility so that you can check in on your property when you are away. A fake security camera doesn’t have that option, and you will never be able to know who is on your property and when. Therefore, even the most authentic-looking fake security camera will not give you peace of mind. 

They don’t send an alert when something is wrong. 

Along the same lines as having no remote access, a fake security camera will not alert you when something is wrong. If someone breaks into your property, you will not know it until you get back. However, a real security camera can be set up to send you an alert when something happens or sound an alarm to scare off intruders. Some can even be set up to dial 911, potentially reducing your loss. 

They create a false sense of security. 

Fake security cameras may make you feel secure, but in reality, you’re not any safer with them than you are with nothing at all. If the information gets out that you have fake security cameras, you may be the next victim. 

They open you up for lawsuits. 

A fake security camera that looks real could also bring various legal issues. Homeowners and business owners have been sued for using fake security cameras because of the “false sense of security” they provided. 

For example, if you are a business owner and an employee parks their car and leaves their valuables in plain view because they believe the security camera will protect them from loss. Then, when they get back, their valuables have been stolen. The employee asks for the video footage, but you have nothing to show. You have to fight a lawsuit because you made the employee think their things would be safe. 

They reveal too much. 

You might believe that it would help if you combined real and fake security cameras on your property, but it’s not a good idea. If you install both fake and rear cameras, the fake ones are more likely to be identified because they don’t look the same. 

They can’t prove anything. 

As we mentioned previously, they don’t catch or record anything, so you have no proof when a criminal breaks into your property. There’s no way for you to identify who did it and nothing that can be used to catch the thief. 

Real Security is Easy to Obtain 

If you truly want to protect your property, you’re going to want to get real security measures in place. Securiteam can help you with this. Schedule an assessment today to learn how we can protect your property. We have more than 15 years of experience in the industry and have learned that the best security solution is custom-designed to fit the customer.