Security Trends to Look for in 2022

One thing is for sure; the pandemic has had a significant influence on everything: from consumer behaviors to work culture. These changes have resulted in businesses becoming more informed and careful regarding business security.

Therefore, UGVs and thermal cameras have become commonplace in most large public places, such as malls, airports, hypermarkets, and countless others. There is so much happening in the physical security landscape that allows businesses to open up and conduct business safely and securely. Most of these security solutions focus on reducing human interaction when it comes to potentially dangerous situations. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at five of the top security trends to look out for as we move into 2022

In 2020 and 2021, we saw many restrictions, including travel restrictions, social distancing, wearing masks, and more. None of these have been convenient to live with- but we were told they were necessary for public safety. 

However, some groundbreaking security solutions have been put in place to keep everyone safe as the world starts opening back up. We believe that the security solutions provided here will play a major role in keeping their customers and employees safe. 

Thermal Scanning Technology

Thermal scanning has been around for many years- even before the pandemic- but in 2020, many more facilities began using it to measure the body temperature of visitors to their facilities. 

With thermal scanning, a special lens focuses an infrared light around the objects within its field and reads body temperatures. The lens picks up body heat that is released as infrared radiation. 

Since fever is one of the most common indications of infectious disease, it helps to point out those who potentially have this symptom to be isolated from others in the facility. 

As we move into 2022, businesses that have large campuses will need more advanced thermal screening methods to perform compliance monitoring. The challenge is to do this in a non-invasive manner.

Increased Privacy Concerns 

One of the things that businesses have learned the hard way is the importance of individual privacy. Many of the businesses that hurriedly implemented the thermal scanning/tracking tech did not take the time to evaluate them for compliance. By looking at these security solutions, you see that very few of them keep data anonymous.

This is critical because if the AI security solution doesn’t anonymize, the subject directly conflicts with privacy laws. Some prerequisites must comply with that have been laid out by America’s Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Increased Dependence on Video Surveillance for Threat Detection/Loss Prevention 

For businesses working with limited staff due to compliance measures related to the pandemic, it is challenging to monitor parking lots and facilities. Criminals are aware of this and have taken advantage of it. There has been a surge in shoplifting and other thefts around the world. 

Therefore, Securiteam can provide businesses with loss prevention and theft detection tools. Businesses can use these security solutions to solve this problem, and these solutions help increase security and decrease operational costs. 

Drones for Increased Security 

Drones, also known as UAVs, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, were created for defense. It was discovered that they were useful for carrying cameras, microphones and could even intercept communications. Businesses can use them for monitoring public safety and a variety of other industry-specific activities.

As governments continue to allow businesses to reopen, most of them are doing everything they can to decrease the cost of operation. This is a response to the losses they incurred during the closures. 


As we mentioned, the pandemic changed how we exist and interact with one another. This has left businesses with no choice but to adapt to these changes. Many threats must be addressed and many expectations that these businesses must meet. However, this needs to be done without the business going broke. 

Thanks to Securiteam, there are affordable business security solutions. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you and get a quote.