The Demand for Increased Security Measures and Regulations in Our Hospitals

It may be some time before COVID-19 is behind us. Therefore, healthcare facilities, including long-term care facilities, must continue working to stop the spread, control access to their facilities, and protect staff and property. 

Access Control & Private Security is Critical for Healthcare Facilities

Due to the spread of COVID-19, healthcare facilities should expect to see an increase in the need to control access into their buildings and make sure that health protocols are being followed. This includes enforcement of self-isolation/quarantine, proper hand sanitizing/washing, fair usage of face masks, and more.

The care of managing access to a building is best achieved with the involvement and expertise of third-party advisors who can determine any weaknesses and address them quickly and efficiently. Special security training is a requirement for guards stationed in healthcare facilities and ideally should be completed with the guidance of a third party. 

Careful planning and execution of access control are complicated, especially if dealing with multiple entries and exit points. Security guards should be given specialized training for interacting with those entering/exiting a facility and can professionally enforce any public health matters.

By screening those who are entering, you can ensure that everyone is protected and avoid further virus outbreaks. A reliable access control system can enforce screening procedures, take temperatures, ask about recent travel, and avoid possible COVID-19 cases from entering the facility.

Complex Security Issues on the Rise Among North American Hospitals

Even before 2020, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and universities have been hotspots for complicated altercations with the public. Of course, these have increased with the pandemic due to the lockdowns putting a strain on society’s mental health. More and more, people have started lashing out against medical professionals. It’s expected that the need for increased security measures in healthcare facilities will continue to grow and become more complex.

Additionally, small towns have seen a significant increase in protests/political demonstrations targeting public officials and healthcare facilities. Some of these events have included property damage and violence.

While technology is great, unfortunately, there have been numerous problematic ideologies that are being perpetuated by social media. These platforms allow conspiracy theorists to gather with other like-minded individuals and put together flash protests.

Those against masking, lockdowns and the vaccine have already collided with security enforcement officers at private facilities, which is likely to continue.

Security Industry Collaborating with Healthcare Facilities

Since the pandemic started, there has been an increased demand for physical and private security. The complexities surrounding the pandemic have caused many private and public health care entities to lean on the experience of security companies to find comprehensive solutions to their security and access control-related needs.

Since the pandemic started, physical security has worked alongside healthcare facilities and will continue to do so until things have settled down. Be sure to work with a security company willing to do whatever they can to ensure that your people and property are fully protected throughout the remainder of this year and into the next.


Since the pandemic began, there has been an increased demand for security measures in hospitals and healthcare facilities. To properly secure one of these facilities, you must understand what is required: ongoing planning continued physical presence and rigorous assessments. If you need assistance with booking your healthcare facility and want to know your options, contact Securiteam to learn more.