Advanced Technology to Keep Ports Safe

Maintaining security in a heavily trafficked area such as a port or stadium can be extremely challenging. Failing to adequately address port security can leave you coming up short, which could have catastrophic consequences for your team and clients.

With that in mind, we have taken a closer look at the ways that advanced technologies can improve port safety. Below, we’ll address some of the most prominent issues facing today’s ports. We even give you some guidance on implementing the latest and greatest tech into your port.

Threats to Port Safety

As you know, the first step to creating a functional port security plan involves threat assessment. Once you have clearly identified the most likely source of threats to your facility, you can be proactive in preventing them.

You are probably not shocked to hear that terrorism remains the number one threat that is being faced by high-traffic areas across the country. This includes airports, stadiums, major public events, and of course, ports.

Unfortunately, terroristic acts can take a variety of forms. When hearing the phrase “terrorism,” many security experts immediately jump to thoughts of massive explosions and mayhem. While that is certainly a concern, there has also been an uptick in firearms-related violence in recent years.

Preventing these attacks requires efficient screening measures and constant monitoring of your facility. Even a momentary lapse in your crowd monitoring practices can be catastrophic.

In addition to major events such as terrorism, you will also encounter more routine port safety threats. These may include vehicle burglaries, theft of customer property, and after-hours burglaries of your facility’s storage areas.

Proper implementation of advanced technology in your port is a great way to deter these crimes and can make your facility a “hard target.” Bad actors are much less prone to taking action if there is a high probability of being thwarted or getting caught.

How to Upgrade Your Port Security Measures

The first step to upgrading your port security is to assess any weaknesses in your current allocation of resources. The best way to do this is by partnering with an unbiased third-party firm for a security threat assessment. After the assessment is complete, you will have a better idea of the ways to improve your existing security measures.

Below, we’ll discuss some of the most common areas of need in terms of port security. These areas are either underprepared to deal with common port threats or are overlooked entirely. We find that many ports are extremely lacking when it comes to ultra high-definition surveillance, but more on that in a minute.

Fortify Entrances

While many malevolent entities will often seek to surreptitiously enter your facility, you should still take steps to fortify your key entry points. If you have subpar security at your main entries and exits, then you are essentially inviting people in.

Advanced security technology can improve your ability to control points of entry. Simply upgrading to automated gate controls can allow you to reposition staff while also meeting the needs of your facility.

Remote staffing is particularly effective at employee entrances. When you pair a fortified, automated gate with access control devices, you can drastically improve port safety. RFID readers or facial recognition software are extremely secure methods of controlling port access, too.

Improve Staffing Allocation

We understand that you have limited resources in terms of staff and budget. With that being said, incorporating advanced security technologies can free up existing staff to carry out other tasks.

For example, implementing access control technology can allow you to reduce the need for physical checkpoints. This alone can save you thousands of dollars every year, which will free up funds for more useful endeavors.

Going digital can also reduce waste and eliminate the need for keeping paper records. Technology is a great way of doing more with less, while also maintaining a high level of port security.

Install an Intelligent Video Monitoring System

Perhaps the best thing you can do to improve port safety is to upgrade to an intelligent video monitoring system using ultra high-definition surveillance cameras and software. You may be saying to yourself, “We already have a camera system.” While that may be true, security camera technology has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years.

Even if your system is only a few years old, it is basically an antique by technological standards. It very likely has blind spots and gaps in coverage. As mentioned above, lacking adequate coverage can spell disaster in the event of a criminal act against your facility.

To make matters worse, old camera systems do not yield high-quality images. This means that your security footage can be useless in terms of identifying suspects. If you really want to take port security seriously, then an ultra high-definition surveillance system is a must.

Benefits of an Intelligent Video Monitoring System

Modern HD surveillance systems can produce shockingly clear image quality. Many of them produce video in the 200–320-megapixel range. This will allow you to view a crystal-clear panoramic image of an area while also reducing the total number of monitors that you need. You can even zoom in and obtain a clear view of a subject’s facial features.

Still not convinced? Modern systems can even provide decision-making support. They utilize advanced algorithms to highlight any potential threats to your facility. The system will then guide the attention of your staff in the control hub towards the threat.

These advanced camera systems are built to last. They are capable of receiving periodic software upgrades, which ensures that they are at the cutting-edge of security technology for years to come. The hardware even includes advanced deicing and self-cleaning systems, allowing you to monitor your facility in any weather.

Upgrade Your System

Are you ready to make the switch? If so, then it is time to contact Securiteam. We provide cutting-edge security solutions for our partners in a variety of industries.

One of our experts can conduct a thorough security audit of your facility and make recommendations for upgrades.  We can also equip your facility with high-definition security cameras manufactured by Logipix. They build world-class security camera systems. We are currently Florida’s only approved Logipix installer.

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