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Physical Security: Should You Leave it to Fido?

Undoubtedly you realize the importance of physical security for your home or business; we have all either been victims of crime or know someone that has. No one is immune, even if your property is located in a totally safe area. Traditionally, having a dog in your home or business was effective protection against crime. But in today’s environment, is a dog enough when it comes to security for your home, your loved ones, or your business; or should you spend a little to ensure safety with the latest technology in security equipment?

Dogs for Physical Security

Guard dog physical security Surely, if you have a pet dog, he or she provides you with love and companionship completely apart from any expectation that he will scare off the bad guys. Dogs do have some definite benefits in the security department; they can be a vocal deterrent and let criminals know that this home or business is not an easy mark.  Additionally, equipping your home or place of business with a “Beware of Dog” sign is a wise idea. If the culprits have seen your dog, especially if large or intimidating, some petty criminals might be inclined to move on to an easier target down the street. Another plus with a dog is that it can take immediate action, and perhaps take a bite out of someone’s behind that means to steal from you or harm you; that will certainly make the intruders think twice about coming into your home or business and give you peace of mind.

On the other hand, if you have a physically large and intimidating-looking dog, but he’s lovable or can be bought off with dog biscuits or a few pats on the head, you might have a problem. Insurance companies often have issues with intimidating dogs as well, especially certain breeds.

Physical Security Equipmentvideo analytics

Using physical security equipment has some advantages over a dog. For one, your security system will not sleep through an intrusion in your home or business, it will not be in the back yard chewing a bone brought by the criminals, but it will notify authorities that there is a problem, which is something the dog cannot do for you. Those same insurance companies that might cancel you or raise your premiums for having a pit bull or rottweiler will often give you a significant discount or credit on your bill for having a physical security system in place. On the flip side, your dog might increase your liability during an intrusion of your property, especially if it has been trained to bite. Strange as it seems, criminals have sued and won in court cases involving guard dogs. How do you handle vacation time? Either someone must come to the home or business to feed the dog and take them out, or the dog is more typically boarded. This leaves the property completely vulnerable and unguarded.

Physical security companies will leave you signs for your yard that offer similar deterrence as a barking dog. Most criminals will tell you that they look for the properties that are easy to break into– unlocked, unguarded, and with no security systems.

Protect Your Property with Physical Security Systems

The most consistent protection you can get is a monitored physical security system. These security systems provide 24 hours, seven days a week protection for your property, your family, and even your pet dog! Additionally, in the event of an attempted break-in, surveillance footage can identify the criminal and aid in prosecution. Fido cannot do that!

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