Tampa Business Security Systems : Implement and Integrate

Tampa Business Security Systems

Business-Security-300x192If you are a Tampa business owner or manager, you know how important security is to the success of your business; product shrinkage, employee theft, burglaries, and unauthorized people in private areas are all very real problems that can affect your bottom line negatively. Luckily, there are efficient solutions to all of these problems. Securiteam specializes in Tampa business security systems and offers free consultations to help businesses decide what security protections they need, while also being proactive in ensuring the security systems are expandable for future needs.  Let’s take a look at the various security possibilities for your business.

Controlled Access Systems Tampa

Unfortunately for managers and owners, internal theft and burglary are common problems for businesses. If it is a problem for your business, we would suggest adding controlled access systems to your facility. Typically, a business can issue cards to its employees with varying access levels. You might want all employees to use cards to enter the doors of your building, but maybe only the managers should have access to your stockroom or place where you count out the day’s receipts.

Keyless entry is more secure than simple keyed locks for a few reasons:

  • You can eliminate people from just walking into your facility by using controlled access systems in Tampa. Employees and equipment are safely inside, and unwanted visitors are outside unless someone allows them in. This works well for many office and warehouse sites.
  • Internally, only those people with enhanced access can enter secured areas. This makes it easier to protect cash areas, record rooms, computer servers and any other areas that keep you up at night. You can also limit the times when access is available. For instance, if there is no reason for employees to be able to get into your building after hours, you can limit the times of day when they have access to entry.iclass-se-platform
  • With controlled access systems, you will have a verified audit trail. When an incident occurs, you will know exactly who was in that area and when they were there.
  • Controlled access systems alleviate the need for live security guards; no one needs to guard your property when your trusted associates utilize keyless entry cards.  
  • Keyless entry can be integrated with your surveillance cameras and intrusion alarms to offer a complete solution to your security needs.

Surveillance Cameras Tampa

Business video surveillance cameras are not a new technology; however, what is new is the use of high-definition (HD) cameras and internet protocol (IP) technology that makes surveillance cameras much more user-friendly and useful. Where once a camera would have only captured a blur or a dark figure, detail and faces are legible with HD.  Businesses have embraced video surveillance, knowing that they protect both the employees and the company in commercial applications.

hs_p-SecurityCamerasCompany protection: Cameras inside and outside of your building can record vandals or thieves, helping police to find and retrieve your property as well as prosecute. Video surveillance also can capture dishonest employees on film, and make it less likely that they will commit a crime when they know that they are being recorded. Additionally, the presence of surveillance cameras can lead to improved productivity. Employees are less apt to goof off, and managers can monitor productivity easily to determine areas for improvement or to ensure that rules are followed. Video cameras are also increasingly being used to monitor equipment to be sure it is operating safely.

Employee protection: Likewise, security cameras can protect employees; they allow employees to be monitored on their way to and from their vehicles and ensure that no one is lurking in parking lots. They can keep a record of everyone who enters a building or an office. Some integrated camera systems even know the difference between an animal, the movement of a tree, and a real person. Additionally, video surveillance can record abusive or harassing co-workers or managers.

Burglar Alarms Tampa

Burglar or intrusion alarms are critical for businesses that cannot afford to lose any of their assets– and those can include physical inventory, technology like cameras, computers, and phone systems, as well as customer information. Being sure to protect your business well by installing a good quality intrusion alarm is a prudent move, but be sure you know what questions you need to be answered before deciding on equipment and a company to monitor your business.

  • Experienced and reputable security systems companies will perform a site survey before giving you a price for installation and service. There are many variables and no “one size fits all” burglar alarm system; it is important to match your business with the proper equipment, features, and functions that you need to protect your facility.
  • Differing needs. For instance, a medical office will not have the same needs as an electronics store. Additionally, the facility itself must be taken into account when designing proper security.  More entries, including doors and windows, will require more sensors and more wiring. All of these things are taken into account.
  • Licensing. It is crucial that the security systems company you are contemplating working with is licensed in the state where the installation will take place. 01a056c236d20122158fb5e085ed29b3e6d48e6c56
  • Certifications. Additionally, it is important that the company’s installers are well-trained and experienced in installing alarm systems. You should ask if they are BASA, Axis or Lenel certified.
  • Who will handle the monitoring of the alarm system? How will incidents be handled? For instance, your alarm is set off in the middle of the night– should the company call you, or the police? Many systems can transmit both to the monitoring system and to a smartphone or tablet, which can be helpful if someone accidentally sets off the alarm.
  • How will the alarm system be connected? If the company tells you they will connect it via your phone line, tell them no thank you. That is often the first thing a criminal will do is cut the main phone line. Internet connection is much more secure.
  • How will access codes be handled? Ideally, each person who is permitted to use the system should have their own codes; this makes it easy to delete those people who leave the company and add new hires.
  • What is the total cost of the system? This should include upfront costs, monitoring costs, and any fees for alarm incidents or managing passcodes.

Securiteam can integrate intrusion alarms with your video surveillance cameras and controlled access systems to afford you a total security solution. For further information or a no-obligation site walkthrough and proposal for commercial security systems, alarm systems, controlled access or other security needs, contact us today. We can easily be reached at 813-909-7775 or via email at sales@mysecuriteam.com.