What do Quality Tampa Security Systems Cost?

Tampa Security System

security-solutions-products-mgmt-asset1Today’s high-tech Tampa security systems keep businesses and homes safe and secure with sensors that are able to identify open windows and doors, broken locks or broken glass, and even motion that is unexpected. With around-the-clock monitoring that can immediately contact the police or fire department, safety is assured. In fact, some of the latest Tampa security systems include smoke and CO2 detection plus home automation features like temperature, remote locks and lighting to make your home or office more efficient. But how do you decide which security systems are for you? There are some simple criteria that we look at when we make proposals, based on the usage and needs of our customers.

Tampa Security System Cost

Obviously, if security systems were free, everyone would have one, so cost is always a major consideration. Security systems typically have three elements involved: equipment costs, installation costs and monthly monitoring costs.

Installation: It is possible for some tech-savvy people to install a security system, but a professionally installed system is guaranteed to be set up properly and function correctly. We feel professional installation is critical, and of course, more complex setups will cost a little more to install.

Monitoring: Outside monitoring generally costs in the neighborhood of $20 to $60 per month and includes 24/7 coverage. We use industry leaders like Rapid Response and Vector.  Keep in mind that insurance companies offer large discounts (often 20 percent or more) when you have active monitoring in place.

Equipment cost: The best security systems equipment can be pricey, and which equipment you need depends on your unique situation. There truly is no “one size fits all” system. We design the system that is right for your unique situation. This equipment will provide years of peace of mind.

Tampa Security System Contract

Always read through the terms before signing any contract, so there are no surprises. Most contract terms are two to three years, so you want to be sure you can live with the security systems in place, and the contract terms, for the long haul.

Equipment warranties and cancellation clauses are particularly important bits of information. Another vital point is portability. What if you or your business should move during the term of your contract? You want to confirm how the company, and the contract, handles relocation.

Tampa Security System Installation

Professional installation is required for most complex security systems; these are typically hardwired into the home or facility, and require some electrical knowledge and computer networking abilities along with security systems expertise.


There are a number of monitoring options available; Internet, phone, or cellular service, in order of cost from least expensive to most costly. Internet monitoring is inexpensive, but if your Internet is disabled or you have a power outage, your monitoring is cutoff as well. Using a phone line for monitoring is more Cell phone monitoring is most secure, and most expensive for that reason.

In a nutshell, knowing exactly what equipment and monitoring you need are vital to figuring out the cost for your Tampa security systems. Know that Securiteam will provide you with a customized quote that will cover you well and provide the best value for your money!  Call us at 813-909-7775 for a no-obligation proposal for your business or home security in the Tampa Bay area.