Why Use Controlled Access for Your Business or Non-profit Organization?

Controlled Access for Your Business

Iris recognition technologyIf your business is a gated community, for instance, gate card-controlled access with integrated video and integrated gate locking can keep trouble outside your community. Property managers concerned about community pools or clubhouses can curb vandalism and keep the general public out of community-only areas.

For small business owners, cost-effective scalable access control systems can keep visitors and certain employees out of restricted areas, as well as protecting high dollar inventory. Access control systems can also help small business owners integrate time and attendance systems.

For industrial businesses, access control systems can provide remote access clips of employees when they use their card to enter and in a fire or emergency, easily run a report to see if employees are still in the building.  An access control system can provide an exact audit of room use and employee time, including real data that lets you know where employees are throughout the day and how your business is being used.

For all of these business examples and for non-profit organizations, there are numerous benefits to employing access control systems. Today’s systems go beyond just locking and unlocking doors, now access control systems give business and non-profit organizations information to run business more efficiently and provide a safe employee workplace.access control

So, whether you need to control gate access to a parking lot, allow access for only authorized personnel to a designated area in an office, or keep unwanted people away from an apartment community, at Securiteam we have an access control solution sure to fit your needs to a tee. The access control systems offered by Securiteam include:

  • Simple door buzzer access control Systems
  • Card, keypad, and/or keyfob entry systems
  • Traffic control barriers
  • Tenant and Remote Gate entry systems
  • Residential and commercial entry intercom systems with or without video
    that can prevent home invasions by replacing your doorbell.
  • Password- or PIN-protected access systems
  • Finger scanning, retinal scanning, and other biometric technologies
  • Video identification
  • Personal Identification Verification (PIV Cards)
  • FIPS 201 compliant systems
  • And much more

ci_p-AccessControl-At Securiteam, we install customized security systems, designed just for you and your property to provide just the right level of control you are looking for in your business or non-profit organization. We don’t stop at the installation, though. We thoroughly test the system and train you on how to use it, ensuring that it will provide you with unparalleled performance. With over 25 years of security systems experience, you can count on our locally owned and operated company and know that we are always as close as a phone call, should you ever need us.

So why use controlled access for your business or non-profit organization?

There is simply no better way to keep track of who’s coming and going and protect against unwanted intruders than with an access control system. And today’s access control system provides much more, providing information to help you run your business.

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