Surveillance security cameras

Security Cameras and What High Profile Criminal Trials and Your Home or Business Have in Common

The unfolding trial of the Boston bombing suspect and the use of surveillance video in the trial is a demonstration of the value of security cameras for law enforcement efforts. Following the bombing police used video obtained from area surveillance cameras to track down the suspects in the bombing. And those videos are being used in the ensuing trial.

The use of these cameras prompted public officials like then Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to speak of the “important function” security cameras play in offering safety on a daily basis and during events both big and small.

But surveillance security cameras are also useful in crime prevention and in monitoring home and business grounds to alert security of potential intrusions, or activity before crimes can take place.

How Can Security Cameras Keep My Home of Business Safe?

In today’s world people are worried about how to keep their homes and businesses safe. High Definition surveillance security cameras connected to an integrated system with video analytics and video monitoring make it possible to monitor your home or business without having to be in the direct vicinity to see what is happening.

These new technologies make it possible to detect an intrusion, or suspicious activity and sound an alert to ward off the perpetrators before anything happens.

Commercial building and stores are installing the latest in surveillance security camera technology to protect their businesses. This new security systems allow them to monitor everything that happens when they are away and their employees, helping to prevent employee theft.

But My Neighborhood is Safe. Nothing Ever Happens Here

Even though you feel like your neighborhood is safe, the best thing you can do is not leave things to chance. Unfortunately, safe neighborhoods and event gated communities are not immune to property crime. Criminals look for unprotected homes so they can quickly intrude, and escape undetected with your possessions. The visible signs of a surveillance security camera system will make them think twice about your home and move on to a less well protected home elsewhere. Not only will your family be protected, but so will your assets you have worked so hard to obtain.

Today‘s high-tech security cameras can provide up to 20 times more detail than the fuzzy, distorted, grainy and unfocused images provided by a typical analog camera. They also incorporate firmware that is forward compatible, enabling the appliances to be updated with additional features and functions, without changing the camera! In effect, the HD IP cameras of today are serving to make obsolescence a thing of the past, and your investment one that will continue to protect your family and assets for the long term.

It should also be noted that there is a scientific precision – a technical expertise – that is necessary when designing a reliable and effective system of security cameras. You should be able to have the logic and rationale of the system design demonstrated to you so that you know, before you begin, what your results will be and that your expectations will be met or exceeded.

That’s where we can help. Allow Securiteam to design a video surveillance system customized specifically for you and your home or place of work.

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