What kind of Surveillance System Do I Need?

This is a common surveillance system question.  Surveillance systems can be integrated in a number of ways to suit home or business security needs. The first step is defining what you need the system to do for your home or business security.

When considering what you need, it’s important to know that surveillance cameras have become an important tool in law enforcement, insurance claims, fraud, employee theft prevention, and business management. Statistics from the FBI indicate surveillance has helped to solve 30% of cases where video surveillance is used.

Surveillance System Options

High definition security cameras and IP CCTV offer affordable, flexible, and user-friendly solutions.  In today’s world, surveillance cameras are almost synonymous with security systems, and for good reason.

  • HD cameras have 4-20 times the detail of traditional analog cameras.
  • HD cameras provide the potential to make out individual faces and zoom in without the distortion of analog cameras.
  • Microprocessors in HD camera mean make the camera a smart network device allowing its firmware to be updated with technological advancements and innovations, helping to make obsolescence a thing of the past.
  • HD cameras can use of video analytics software that detects when objects are left behind, missing, or are taken beyond the confines of a specific perimeter, helping make the system even more of a valuable management and loss-prevention asset.
  • HD surveillance can receive video analytics about age, race, and sex of people in view as well as occupancy and traffic of people over a period of time.
  • HD Cameras can us video monitoring capabilities to alert homeowners and businesses of intruders as they enter your grounds, trigger email notifications or sounding an alarm helping to prevent actual intrusions.

With the implementation of IP CCTV and DVR security devices, the audio and video recordings from the HD security cameras can be extensively stored, effortlessly retrieved, and easily viewed on a computer, wireless device, or monitor. In fact, today’ smart home technology gives a whole new dimension to “nanny cameras” providing video monitoring on a mobile device in real time.

Getting the Right Surveillance System for Your Needs

So there is not a single answer to the question, “What kind of surveillance system do I need?” The actual answer for your situation begins with an analysis of your home or business needs. At Securiteam, we don’t just sell HD surveillance cameras and leave the rest up to you. We will help you assess your needs and build a custom surveillance system that will provide you with the comfort of knowing you have the surveillance system security that does precisely what you need it to do, so you can rest easy and sleep well at night.

Contact us for a consultation to help you answer that question for your situation.