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Consumer Electronics Show Trend – Security is a Smart Home Automation Essential

The recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas showcased several new Smart Home technology trends, among them the importance of home security in the Smart Home.

Smart Home technology provides great enhancements to home security. With Smart home technology driven security, homeowners can receive proactive alerts when something happens, automatic system responses like turning on the lights and alerting the police in case of a potential break-in, and reminders to lock the door and arm the security system when you leave home.

Connected Home Trends

In Smart Home technology architecture, devices are a key component. A clear trend at CES revealed some very big consumer brands committed to connecting all their product lines to the Internet in the near future.

At Securiteam, we’re excited about announcements at CES from our partners at, including their new, Smart Thermostat, engineered to be a part of the new Smart Home ecosystem and a partnership with Tagg, a GPS tracker for pets.

Hello Automation

Another clear trend at CES was the move to automate mobile apps. Platforms are now processing real-time data from devices in Smart Homes to respond automatically to issues or conditions in the home. User location, local weather, and patterns and preferences of homeowners can be built into a highly personalized home automation system.

Imagine waking up on a cool morning before you head to work. As you shut off your alarm clock and get ready to face the day, your coffee pot starts brewing, your security system temporarily disarms, and the day’s home automation process begins. By the time you’re out of the shower, your home is slightly warmer, and the temperature continues to rise until you’re comfortable. You walk into the kitchen and your coffee is ready to pour and your computer has already booted. Upon shutting off your computer and heading out the door, all of your light fixtures turn off and your security system is once again armed. Suddenly, you realize you forgot to turn off a television. So, you open an application on your smartphone to turn it off remotely and go about the rest of your day, carefree.

Home automation can achieve all of this and so much more. And when you are looking to automate your Tampa Bay area home, turn to Securiteam for all of your needs.

Interested in Smart Home Automation?

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