Measures That Can Add Protection Against an Active Shooter

In an active shooter incident, seconds count. Are you doing everything you could to offer protection against an active shooter?

Active shooter situations are increasing, and now more than ever, having a proactive system in place rather than a forensic solution is essential to the safety of the people in your facility.

A Federal Bureau of Investigation study analyzed 160 active shooter incidents from 2000 through 2013 and found that the number of incidents more than doubled during the 2007-2013 period as compared to the previous seven years.

Getting real time information to authorities or the police is vital with respect to a potential shooter’s location and actions.

Proactive Active Shooter Security Solutions

Video analytics technology incorporated into IP cameras can make all the difference.

Infused with intelligent video surveillance technology that is designed to not only ‘detect’ movement in its field of view, but to distinguish those objects from one another, determine what objects pose a potential threat, these systems can notify personal who can take action and allow a facility to enact its active shooter emergency measures to protect the safety of people in the facility and alert the police.

The cameras’ motion activity sensors and database of over 250,000 object profiles mean it won’t confuse a potential criminal or shooter with typical nuisance motion from rustling tree branches, waving flags, and animals, preventing false alarms and helping ensure prompt, appropriate response.

Additionally, the analytics “learns” from itself what is important in the image and what isn’t, fine tuning the camera to look specifically for what is important while adapting to changing weathers, seasons and surroundings.

For example, when an object comes into the camera’s view that shouldn’t be there, a notification is sent to either a security guard on location or toa remote video monitoring center to dispatch the authorities. Your responses are completely customizable and a two-way voice system even allows for easy off-site monitoring and communication with anyone on site.

At Securiteam, video analytics technology has revolutionized the way we look at security today. We see it as a vital tool in preparing facilities to protect against loss and something as potentially deadly as an active shooter on your premises.

How do you protect your facility in these situations? Share them with our readers in the comment field below. Nothing is more important the having measures in place when seconds count.