Physical Security: Should You Leave it to Fido?

Undoubtedly you realize the importance of physical security for your home or business; we have all either been victims of crime or know someone that has. No one is immune, even if your property is located in a totally safe area. Traditionally, having a dog in your home or business was effective protection against crime. But in today’s environment, is a dog enough when it comes to security for your home, your loved ones, or your business; or should you spend a little to ensure safety with the latest technology in security equipment?

Dogs for Physical Security

Guard dog physical security Surely, if you have a pet dog, he or she provides you with love and companionship completely apart from any expectation that he will scare off the bad guys. Dogs do have some definite benefits in the security department; they can be a vocal deterrent and let criminals know that this home or business is not an easy mark.  Additionally, equipping your home or place of business with a “Beware of Dog” sign is a wise idea. If the culprits have seen your dog, especially if large or intimidating, some petty criminals might be inclined to move on to an easier target down the street. Another plus with a dog is that it can take immediate action, and perhaps take a bite out of someone’s behind that means to steal from you or harm you; that will certainly make the intruders think twice about coming into your home or business and give you peace of mind.

On the other hand, if you have a physically large and intimidating-looking dog, but he’s lovable or can be bought off with dog biscuits or a few pats on the head, you might have a problem. Insurance companies often have issues with intimidating dogs as well, especially certain breeds.

Physical Security Equipmentvideo analytics

Using physical security equipment has some advantages over a dog. For one, your security system will not sleep through an intrusion in your home or business, it will not be in the back yard chewing a bone brought by the criminals, but it will notify authorities that there is a problem, which is something the dog cannot do for you. Those same insurance companies that might cancel you or raise your premiums for having a pit bull or rottweiler will often give you a significant discount or credit on your bill for having a physical security system in place. On the flip side, your dog might increase your liability during an intrusion of your property, especially if it has been trained to bite. Strange as it seems, criminals have sued and won in court cases involving guard dogs. How do you handle vacation time? Either someone must come to the home or business to feed the dog and take them out, or the dog is more typically boarded. This leaves the property completely vulnerable and unguarded.

Physical security companies will leave you signs for your yard that offer similar deterrence as a barking dog. Most criminals will tell you that they look for the properties that are easy to break into– unlocked, unguarded, and with no security systems.

Protect Your Property with Physical Security Systems

The most consistent protection you can get is a monitored physical security system. These security systems provide 24 hours, seven days a week protection for your property, your family, and even your pet dog! Additionally, in the event of an attempted break-in, surveillance footage can identify the criminal and aid in prosecution. Fido cannot do that!

From surveillance cameras to motion sensors, alarm systems and home automation equipment, Securiteam can install great physical security systems at your Tampa Bay property to give you peace of mind around the clock. Call us at 813-909-7775.

Property Managers: How to Reduce Headaches With Security Tools

connected smart home securityProperty Managers have a demanding and critical job; they are tasked with customer service, maintenance, collections and anything (and everything!) else that crops up in the course of a day, often having to switch gears at a moment’s notice. Minimizing vacancies and keeping lease renewals high is the mark of an exceptional Property Manager that understands tenants have many options and will move on if they are not happy. Safety is always a hot button issue; if cars are broken into, strangers are wandering the halls and grounds, or non-residents bring their family and friends to your pool, residents will not be thrilled. One way to reduce these issues, the company’s risk, and your headaches, is to ensure that your complex has adequate security and the right types of security tools. Securiteam partners with many Property Managers around the Bay area and for good reason–our company has a wealth of knowledge and experience securing communities.

There are many types of security tools available to make the job of a Property Manager less stressful. Let’s take a look at a few and how they are best used:

Access Control

Access Control is the perfect defense for a complex, HOA or CDD. Keeping unauthorized people OUT is a great way to reduce problems overall. There are many different applications that can be used, from controlled gates with keypads to secured doors that can be opened remotely with a keyfob unit. After all,  a study done at the University of Denver tells us:
Households in gated communities have 33 percent lower odds of being burglarized than a similar… Click To Tweet  If you’d like to read more, check out this link at Similarly, non-gated communities that have secured buildings offer a greater sense of security to tenants.  Securing your amenity center and pool area with access control will keep out trespassers and additional risk to the community.

IP Surveillance Cameras and Intelligent Video Surveillance 

Surveillance cameras are great security tools to capture everything that is going on within their field of vision, and they can and do deter crimes and aid in prosecution when it is necessary. IP cameras offer high-definition and the ability to connect to a network, for lifelike film and remote viewing. The difference between analog images and IP can mean the difference between being able to make out a person’s features or read a license plate on a vehicle, or see a blur. With surveillance DVRs, you have a record that can be reviewed, and adding intelligent video surveillance acts as a virtual tripwire, alerting you to any high-value missing objects, when objects are left behind, or if someone gets drunk and jumps in your pool at midnight– so that you can take the appropriate actionsSurveillance-Cameras-Tampa

Fire and Intrusion Alarms

Intrusion or burglar alarms can be set up to secure areas in your community that no one should have access to– for instance, you might want to alarm your clubhouse after hours. Our technicians are highly experienced in installing intrusion alarms and motion sensors to make the property secure day or night.

Fire alarms are necessary and required equipment in many areas. Securiteam can install and service fire alarm systems from permit stage forward with a simple phone call.

Networking and Automation

Having instant access to information about your community, whether you are in your office or enjoying your day off on the beach, is crucial and very much possible with the advanced networking technologies we have today. Your video surveillance camera footage can be viewed from anywhere you have a computer or smartphone; likewise, information about your fire and burglar alarms and access control systems are available remotely. You can even arm your systems or delete access for a disgruntled employee away from your community. Integrating all of the systems in your complex via networking makes them work seamlessly, and lets you have complete control.

Securiteam can set up any of these security tools for you– we handle it all, from design, installation, service and monitoring. Even better, the initial consultation to get our opinion about what types of security equipment are needed, is provided to you at no cost. Please call us so that we can give you great specifications for your complex, which are critical for comparison shopping. We want you to be able to compare apples to apples (or IP cameras to IP cameras!) after all. We welcome requests for references from our current customers, and comparison shopping– but please call us first so that we can design a great system for you!


How to Use Home Automation for Powerful Protection

Hurricane Katrina landfall in Pensacola FL

Hurricane Katrina landfall in Pensacola FL

Even though it is widely name as the sunshine state, hurricane season is very much a fact of life in Florida. True, it has been 92 years since the Tampa Bay area took a direct hurricane hit. However, the past few weeks have shown us that huge storms and floods can be very damaging. Being prepared for power outages and rising waters is vital! Luckily, there are some measures we can take ahead of time to make sure we are ready, like using the tips contained in this comprehensive hurricane preparedness guide published by the Tampa Bay Times.  Installation and use of home automation equipment offers additional warnings and protections.

Home automation protections

Flood sensors alert you when moisture begins to seep into areas where they are installed; in addition to letting you know to get your family and pets out if needed, they also allow you to quickly take action and avoid expensive, and sometimes heartbreaking, losses of prized possessions. These home automation systems can be set to call you or send a signal to your telephone for the fastest advance notice so that you can minimize any damages or injuries. Flash flooding is a very real danger, especially in coastal areas, and accounts for the most loss of life of all weather-related fatalities in the US.

Temperature sensors can alert you when the monitored area rises above or falls below the set parameters, which is important during the rainy season. For instance, if you have a wine cellar or walk-in freezer– temperatures need to remain constant and within the proper range, and the use of temperature sensors can help you avoid expensive losses.  Likewise, you can have temperature sensors in your living area to alert you if there is a problem with your heating or cooling systems; this allows you to proactively seek a solution, or help, and get it repaired immediately.  No reason to come home to an extremely hot and humid house, or worse, let your dog suffer while you are at work.

Window and door sensors let you know from a distance if someone opens them, and will also dispatch law enforcement personnel if needed. Glass break sensors are a really good idea in tropical storm and hurricane-prone areas as well; these will warn you if wind, hail, or a tree branch breaks a window or glass in your door.

Aftermath Hurricane Charley Ft Myers FL

Aftermath Hurricane Charley Ft Myers FL

For all home automation systems, we recommend and install products that have battery backups. This ensures that you will have continuous coverage even in the event of a power failure or planned power shutoff. (Which we have seen happen in areas around Tampa Bay to avoid fires and other problems during the flooding the last few weeks.)

Install home automation equipment that will warn you of problems before they grow. Click To Tweet

Here are a few good resources to keep your family, your home and all of your property safe during hurricane season:

Hurricane Readiness Guide   Hurricane readiness tips specific to the Tampa Bay area

FloodSmart  Federal government resource

Storm Tracking Be prepared by knowing what is headed your way

Be ready for all contingencies during hurricane and storm season in the Tampa Bay area by checking out the above resources. Our best advice: Install home automation equipment that will warn you of small problems before they turn into big ones! Call us at 813-909-7775 for a no-obligation consultation at your home or business. Stay safe, Tampa Bay!


10 Reasons to Call Securiteam: Real Home Security for What is Most Important to You

family and petsWhen you are contemplating a home security system or home surveillance cameras, what is most important to you? Quality and reliability? Ease of use?  Safety of your family and pets?  No matter what your concerns are, Securiteam has you covered!

Home Security in Tampa Bay 

There are many companies advertising security packages in the Tampa Bay area; we are well aware of that. There are many reasons to trust Securiteam to handle your home and family security.

  1. Our Company We are a locally-owned and operated company, and we support other local companies.
  2. Our Owner  Rob Cirillo has more than 25 years of experience working in many different areas of the security industry. He will put together the right system for the way YOU live—no “one size fits all” program.
  3. Our Technicians Each of our technicians is certified and well-experienced: on average, they’ve been installing security systems and cameras for more than seven years.
  4. Our Capabilities  As a smaller, local company, we are nimble and able to quickly adapt to changing technologies. We are equally adept at installing security services for new and existing residences as we are securing multi-million dollar organizations.
  5. Our Customer Service Manager  People that have done business with Securiteam know, and love, Jody Kamps!  Jody has been an integral part of the company for more than eight years and she takes exceptional care of our customers.
  6. Our Customers  Securiteam has been in business in the Tampa Bay area since 2005; we have scores of satisfied customers. Among them, we count Moffitt Cancer Center, the St. Petersburg Free Clinic, Black & Decker, the US Coast Guard, Kinder-Morgan, FDOT, Lowes, Michaels and Zale’s stores, along with thousands of homeowners.
  7. Our Surveillance Cameras  We use the highest quality HD-IP surveillance cameras. These cameras will give you clear, undistorted images of what you need to see and the ability to record or stream video for off-site viewing.
  8. Our Alarm Systems  Securiteam installs next generation security systems that are easy to use and dependable. Every hour, our systems send test signals to each area of your home to ensure proper working conditions.
  9. Our Home Automation  Home automation systems have the ability to save you money on utilities by controlling your home’s heating and cooling, even lights, remotely. Not sure if you locked the door, or closed your garage? You can do that with your smartphone.
  10. Our Monitoring Partner  We partner with one of the largest and most well-respected security monitoring companies: Vector Security. Vector offers 24-7-365 tech support, with disaster recovery plans in place for reliable coverage.

For dependable service and exceptional value, Securiteam is THE security installation company to call in the Tampa Bay area. We can be reached at 813-909-7775. By the way, when you call us, you will get a friendly and cheerful, real person that is ready to help you!

Why Video Surveillance with Analytics? 14 Reasons that Affect Profitability

video analytics


As a business owner, you undoubtedly realize that video surveillance is valuable for a number of reasons; it can deter crime, capture vandalism or theft to aid in recovery and prosecution, and increase employee productivity.

Live monitoring of these systems requires an additional person, or several, to continuously monitor the camera feeds. Alternatively, the camera feed can be recorded for later review. There are severe limitations with both of these methods, and these can be alleviated with the use of video surveillance with analytics.

What is video surveillance with analytics?

Video Analytics: Video Analytics, is a generic term that describes computerized processing of video streams. The term Video Analytics is typically associated with surveillance system video streams and the tasks it can perform range from immediate detection of events to analyzing video to extract data and events.

Simply put, the computer can do the monitoring instead of a person, and the newest technology, called intelligent analytics, has the ability to discern the difference between a human being and trees blowing in the wind, or a small animal. This can make video analytics a lot more effective than people actually sitting in front of monitoring screens. After all, people are human and their attention span and alertness are both limited resources. Not to mention the additional costs incurred for salary and benefits. Research studies have proven that the average person observing video screens stays alert for around 20 minutes—compare that with the boundless energy of a computer!

Why Should You Consider Video Surveillance with Analytics?

  1. Reduce overhead– Intelligent analytics can help reduce costs for inefficient tasks, waste and spoilage, even employee productivity.
  2. Increase employee productivity– If your employees are outside smoking or chit-chatting in the break room, while productivity suffers– you need video analytics. Lost productivity means lost revenue and lost profits.
  3. Ramp up customer service– Are customers promptly greeted in your establishment, or waiting for inappropriate lengths of time? With video analytics, you will know and can react.
  4. Reduce man hours– Intelligent video analytics can monitor and initiate the proper handling of events.
  5. Monitor production lines– Manufacturers can benefit from early knowledge of mechanical failures through the use of video analytics.
  6. Loss control– The first use for intelligent analytics, the system helps eliminate losses from fire, theft, trespassing, vandalism or unauthorized access.
  7. Quick fire detection– Smoke and flame can be detected early by intelligent analytics, before it can cause significant damage.
  8. Perimeter control– If people or vehicles break the perimeter set up, they are easily detected by intelligent analytics; and the system can initiate actions like a lockdown, call to police or facility security, an alarm or alert.
  9. Monitor assets– Intelligent analytics can be set up so that removing specific assets from within camera view creates an alert or alarm.
  10. Safeguarding– Video analytics can track movement through any doors in your business, allowing you to set differing levels of protection for the main facility and specific areas.
  11. Detect groups of people– Intelligent analytics can help you avoid problems by alerting you to large gatherings; this can help you handle fights or other problems quickly.
  12. Reducing risk– Having video analytics “guard” your property can reduce a lot of risk of doing business. If you are sued for an injury within your facility, but can produce clear evidence in the form of video that it did not happen (at least not there!), you will prevail.
  13. Decrease insurance premiums and liability– Enforcing safety rules can be difficult; you cannot be everywhere at one time. Video analytics can monitor these rules and alert you to problems immediately.
  14. Lower workers compensation fraud– Employees can be monitored and recorded continuously, and intelligent analytics can search for alleged incidents, to reduce fraudulent claims and save you money.

While a conventional security guard can only monitor one area at a time, a virtual security guard can have “eyes” on your entire facility all of the time. This system does not take breaks, go to sleep or get distracted. The result: better-than-guard-level security at a fraction of the price!

Can you see how much of a benefit video surveillance with analytics could be to your business? Securiteam is experienced and knowledgeable about video analytics, and would love to discuss the options available for you to integrate video surveillance with analytics into your security strategy.

Tampa Business Security Systems : Implement and Integrate

Tampa Business Security Systems

Business-Security-300x192If you are a Tampa business owner or manager, you know how important security is to the success of your business; product shrinkage, employee theft, burglaries and unauthorized people in private areas are all very real problems that can affect your bottom line negatively. Luckily, there are efficient solutions to all of these problems. Securiteam specializes in Tampa business security systems and offers free consultations to help businesses decide what security protections they need, while also being proactive in ensuring the security sytems are expandable for future needs.  Lets take a look at the various security possibilities for your business.

Controlled access systems Tampa

Unfortunately for managers and owners, internal theft and burglary are common problems for businesses. If it is a problem for your business, we would suggest adding controlled access systems to your facility. Typically, a business can issue cards to its employees with varied access levels. You might want all employees to use cards to enter the doors of your building, but maybe only the managers should have access to your stockroom or place where you count out the day’s receipts.

Keyless entry is more secure than simple keyed locks for a few reasons:

  • You can eliminate people from just walking into your facility by using controlled access systems in Tampa. Employees and equipment are safely inside, and unwanted visitors are outside unless someone allows them in. This works well for many office and warehouse sites.
  • Internally, only those people with enhanced access can enter secured areas. This makes it easier to protect cash areas, record rooms, computer servers and any other areas that keep you up at night. You can also limit the times when access is available. For instance, if there is no reason for employees to be able to get into your building after hours, you can limit the times of day when they have access to entry.iclass-se-platform
  • With controlled access systems, you will have a verified audit trail. When an incident occurs, you will know exactly who was in that area and when they were there.
  • Controlled access systems alleviate the need for live security guards; no one needs to guard your property when your trusted associates utilize keyless entry cards.  
  • Keyless entry can be integrated with your surveillance cameras and intrusion alarms to offer a complete solution to your security needs.

Surveillance cameras Tampa

Video surveillance cameras are not new technology; however, what is new is the use of high-definition (HD) cameras and internet protocol (IP) technology that makes surveillance cameras much more user-friendly and useful. Where once a camera would have only captured a blur, or a dark figure, detail and faces are legible with HD.  Businesses have embraced video surveillance, knowing that they protect both the employees and the company in commercial applications.

hs_p-SecurityCamerasCompany protection: Cameras inside and outside of your building can record vandals or thieves, helping police to find and retrieve your property as well as prosecute. Video surveillance also can capture dishonest employees on film, and make it less likely that they will commit a crime when they know that they are being recorded. Additionally, the presence of surveillance cameras can lead to improved productivity. Employees are less apt to goof off, and managers can monitor productivity easily to determine areas for improvement or to ensure that rules are followed. Video cameras are also increasingly being used to monitor equipment to be sure it is operating safely.

Employee protection: Likewise, security cameras can protect employees; they allow employees to be monitored on their way to and from their vehicles, and ensure that no one is lurking in parking lots. They can keep a record of everyone who enters a building or an office. Some integrated camera systems even know the difference between an animal, movement of a tree, and a real person. Additionally, video surveillance can record abusive or harassing co-workers or managers.


Burglar alarms Tampa

Burglar or intrusion alarms are critical for businesses that cannot afford to lose any of their assets– and those can include physical inventory, technology like cameras, computers and phone systems, as well as customer information. Being sure to protect your business well by installing a good quality intrusion alarm is a prudent move, but be sure you know what questions you need answered before deciding on equipment and a company to monitor your business.

  • Experienced and reputable security systems companies will perform a site survey before giving you a price for installation and service. There are a multitude of variables and no “one size fits all” burglar alarm system; it is important to match your business with the proper equipment, features and functions that you need to protect your facility.
  • Differing needs. For instance, a medical office will not have the same needs as an electronics store. Additionally, the facility itself must be taken into account when designing proper security.  More entries, including doors and windows, will require more sensors and more wiring. All of these things are taken into account.
  • Licensing. It is crucial that the security systems company you are contemplating working with is licensed in the state where the installation will take place. 01a056c236d20122158fb5e085ed29b3e6d48e6c56
  • Certifications. Additionally, it is important that the company’s installers are well-trained and experienced in installing alarm systems. You should ask if they are BASA, Axis or Lenel certified.
  • Who will handle monitoring of the alarm system? How will incidents be handled? For instance, your alarm is set off in the middle of the night– should the company call you, or the police? Many systems can transmit both to the monitoring system and to a smartphone or tablet, which can be helpful if someone accidentally set off the alarm.
  • How will the alarm system be connected? If the company tells you they will connect it via your phone line, tell them no thank you. That is often the first thing a criminal will do is cut the main phone line. Internet connection is much more secure.
  • How will access codes be handled? Ideally, each person who is permitted to use the system should have their own codes; this makes it easy to delete those people who leave the company and add new hires.
  • What is the total cost for the system? This should include upfront costs, monitoring costs, and any fees for alarm incidents or managing passcodes.

Securiteam can integrate intrusion alarms with your video surveillance cameras and controlled access systems to afford you a total security solution. For futher information or a no-obligation site walkthrough and proposal for commercial security systems, alarm systems, controlled access or other security needs, contact us today. We can easily be reached at 813-909-7775 or via email at

What do Quality Tampa Security Systems Cost?

security-solutions-products-mgmt-asset1Today’s high-tech Tampa security systems keep homes and businesses safe and secure with sensors that are able to identify open windows and doors, broken locks or broken glass, and even motion that is unexpected. With around-the-clock monitoring that can immediately contact the police or fire department, safety is assured. In fact, some of the latest Tampa security systems include smoke and CO2 detection plus home automation features like temperature, remote locks and lighting to make your home or office more efficient. But how do you decide which security systems are for you? There are some simple criteria that we look at when we make proposals, based on the usage and needs of ourcustomers.

Tampa Security Systems Cost

Obviously, if security systems were free, everyone would have one, so cost is always a major consideration. Security systems typically have three elements involved: equipment costs, installation costs and monthly monitoring costs.

Installation: It is possible for some tech savvy people to install a security system, but a professionally installed system is guaranteed to be set up properly and function correctly. We feel professional installation is critical, and of course, more complex setups will cost a little more to install.

Monitoring: Outside monitoring generally costs in the neighborhood of $20 to $60 per month and includes 24/7 coverage. We use industry leaders like Rapid Response and Vector.  Keep in mind that insurance companies offer large discounts (often 20 percent or more) when you have active monitoring in place.

Equipment cost: The best security systems equipment can be pricey, and which equipment you need depends on your unique situation. There truly is no “one size fits all” system. We design the system that is right for your unique situation. This equipment will provide years of peace of mind.

Tampa Security Systems Contract

Always read through the terms before signing any contract, so there are no surprises. Most contract terms are two to three years, so you want to be sure you can live with the security systems in place, and the contract terms, for the long haul.

Equipment warranties and cancellation clauses are particularly important bits of information. Another vital point is portability. What if you or your business should move during the term of your contract? You want to confirm how the company, and the contract, handles relocation.

Tampa Security Systems Installation

Professional installation is required for most complex security systems; these are typically hardwired into the home or facility, and require some electrical knowledge and computer networking abilities along with security systems expertise.

Tampa Security Systems Monitoring

There are a number of monitoring options available; Internet, phone, or cellular service, in order of cost from least expensive to most costly. Internet monitoring is inexpensive, but if your Internet is disabled or you have a power outage, your monitoring is cutoff as well. Using a phone line for monitoring is more Cell phone monitoring is most secure, and most expensive for that reason.

In a nutshell, knowing exactly what equipment and monitoring you need are vital to figuring out the cost for your Tampa security systems. Know that Securiteam will provide you with a customized quote that will cover you well and provide the best value for your money!  Call us at 813-909-7775 for a no-obligation proposal for your business or home security in the Tampa Bay area.


Why Use Controlled Access for Your Business or Non-profit Organization?


Iris recognition technologyIf your business is a gated community, for instance, gate card access with integrated video and integrated gate locking can keep trouble outside your community. Property managers concerned about community pools or clubhouses can curb vandalism and keep the general public out of community only areas.

For small business owners, cost effective scalable access control systems can keep visitors and certain employees out of restricted areas, as well as protecting high dollar inventory. Access control systems can also help small business owners integrate time and attendance systems.

For industrial businesses, access control systems can provide remote access clips of employees when they use their card to enter and in a fire or emergency, easily run a report to see if employees are still in the building.  An access control system can provide an exact audit of room use and employee time, including real data that lets you know where employees are throughout the day and how your business is being used.

For all of these business examples and for non-profit organizations, there are numerous benefits to employing access control systems. Today’s systems go beyond just locking and unlocking doors, now access control systems give business and non-profit organizations information to run business more efficiently and provide a safe employee workplace.access control

So, whether you need to control gate access to a parking lot, allow access for only authorized personnel to a designated area in an office, or keep unwanted people away from an apartment community, at Securiteam we have an access control solution sure to fit your needs to a tee. The access control systems offered by Securiteam include:

  • Simple door buzzer access control Systems
  • Card, keypad, and/or keyfob entry systems
  • Traffic control barriers
  • Tenant and Remote Gate entry systems
  • Residential and commercial entry intercom systems with or without video
    that can prevent home invasions by replacing your doorbell.
  • Password- or PIN-protected access systems
  • Finger scanning, retinal scanning, and other biometric technologies
  • Video identification
  • Personal Identification Verification (PIV Cards)
  • FIPS 201 compliant systems
  • And much more

ci_p-AccessControl-At Securiteam, we install customized systems, designed just for you and your property to provide just the right level of control you are looking for in your business or non-profit organization. We don’t stop at the installation, though. We thoroughly test the system and train you on how to use it, ensuring that it will provide you with unparalleled performance. With over 25 years of security systems experience, you can count on our locally owned and operated company and know that we are always as close as a phone call, should you ever need us.

So why use controlled access for your business or non-profit organization?

There is simply no better way to keep track of who’s coming and going and protect against unwanted intruders than with an access control system. And today’s access control system provides much more, providing information to help you run your business.

Ready to consider an access control system for your business or non-profit? Contact us today for a consultation. 813-909-7775

Are Our Schools Safe? How Today’s Surveillance Security Systems Can Make Them Safer

school-children-306971_640Are our schools safe? The short answer may be “probably not”. National school threats are on the rise. In fact, they’re nearing a nationwide epidemic level and creating an atmosphere of unrest that is being felt by students, parents and school officials. School threats are happening far too often and everyone is searching for a solution. Granted, a high percentage of these threats are hoaxes. But, they still have to be taken seriously just in case…

Regardless of whether the threat is a hoax or for real, the common thread is that these threats are creating a loss of hundreds of hours of teaching time, a waste of police resources and frightening students and parents. The numbers are alarming and most likely due in part to the fact that technology is available to everyone and widely used by students. This equates to a flurry of fake or faux threats.

The Number Of Threats Is On The Rise

Ohio-based National School and Safety Services ( conducted a national survey over the first half of the 2014-2015 school year. The results of the survey show that school violence threats have increased by 158%. The stats behind this figure are alarming. There were 812 registered threats between August 1 and December 31, 2014, resulting in 320 arrests. Granted, the vast majority were hoaxes, but close to 30% of the threats caused schools to be evacuated.

Evacuations take a toll on everyone – students, school staff and police. And, according to Ken Trump, president of National School Safety and Security Services, no schools seem to be immune. His group put together a top ten list ranking states and their activity. Ohio came in as number one, Connecticut as number ten and Florida smack dab in the middle at number five.

Even more alarming are the breakdown of the types of threats. Bombs rank the highest with 359 occurrences or 44%, followed by shootings with 234 occurrences equaling 29%.

What Can Schools Do To Increase Safety?

The National School Board Association ( feels that a safe and secure environment should be the primary responsibility of every school district and that not only students and staff, but visitors as well, should feel safe while on school campuses. Everyone agrees with that statement. But, it must go deeper.

Integrated HD Video Surveillance Security Systems with Video Analytics and Monitoring

Today surveillance security systems allow your campus security team to capture extremely detailed images that can be stored and analyzed in a number of ways. High definition electronics have reached an all-time efficiency. Remember the old security cameras that generated fuzzy, black-and-white footage that was so unclear it had to be reviewed multiple times and still left you with uncertain conclusions? Not so anymore. Today, security solutions from Securiteam provide you with HD surveillance cameras that have 4-20 times the detail of traditional analog cameras. You have the potential to identify faces and zoom in if necessary.

The advantages don’t stop there. The efficiency of the security cameras may help to reduce the number of school guards needed. Additionally, the HD security cameras can make use of video analytics software that can detect when objects are left behind or go missing or have been added to the grounds. An added benefit is that the video can be stored for long periods of time and then easily retrieved for viewing on a computer or wireless device.

Suddenly you have the flexibility to:

  • Identify individual faces instead of just seeing a fuzzy picture and noticing only basic features
  • See up to twenty times as much detail as with conventional analog cameras
  • Have footage stored and captured by a network video recorder
  • Use software to detect when objects are missing and also foreign have appeared that were not there before
  • Forget the hassle of replacing old style video tapes and store information in a fashion that lets you easily configure the system to work as you want it to, retrieve the data in a manner that is convenient for you. You can then view, or review, on a television, computer monitor, tablet, smart phone, or other wireless device
  • Trigger events like email notifications or sounding an alarm.
  • And so much more. If you can think of it, we can figure out a way to make it a reality.

Integrated access control and surveillance systems with these enhancements make for a powerful, proactive security environment where campus security personnel can remotely control access locking and unlocking doors, turning on lights, viewing suspicious behavior and responding or alerting law enforcement before dangerous situations unfold. What’s more, these systems allow security personnel to gain greater clarity as to the validity of certain threats.

We can help. Securiteam is Tampa Bay’s premier surveillance and security company. We develop creative solutions for a multitude of applications. Our keypad, keyfob, and card access systems offer an ideal means of allowing entry to those who have proper credentials, while keeping out those who don’t. Our security systems, including burglar alarm units and intrusion alarms, afford you much deserved peace of mind, as you provide the best protection students, employees, and property.  Securiteam custom-designs, installs, and tests access control systems and surveillance security systems to ensure that every device is working perfectly.

At Securiteam we are much more than just a surveillance IP camera installer. Our goal is to be your partner in ensuring safe school campuses.

If you are interested in learning more information about our integrated HD surveillance cameras and security systems, please contact us today. We provide security system services in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Brandon, Lakeland, and all throughout communities in Pasco, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Polk, Hernando, Manatee, and Sarasota counties.

Do Surveillance Cameras Prevent Crime?

Can video surveillance cameras stop criminal activity at your home or business from happening?

Well, visible surveillance systems can certainly provide a deterrent for vandals and thieves, but the question ignores the vital role today’s sophisticated video surveillance systems play in enabling individuals, business owners and law enforcement to identify perpetrators and recover property or reparations.

Surveillance Cameras Assist Law Enforcement in Catching Vandals and Thieves

There is little doubt that integrated surveillance systems with high definition surveillance cameras connected to mobile devices are enabling homeowners, businesses and law enforcement to identify and apprehend those responsible for burglaries and other criminal activity more than ever before.

Consider these recent headlines / stories:

Long Distance Surveillance Camera Check Leads to Burglary Arrests …

[KRWG-TV] The arrests of three burglary suspects can be attributed to a Las Cruces resident vacationing in Hawaii who, using his cell phone, checked his home video surveillance system and saw three people burglarizing his residence…

Seattle burglary suspects from surveillance video spotted by victim’s granddaughter, arrested

[] Police say they were able to arrest a pair of burglary suspects, thanks to the watchful eyes of some community members. They recognized the suspects from surveillance video, and spotted them getting on a bus in Seward Park.

When Larry Russak heard a home invasion and attempted burglary in his neighborhood, he decided to check his own surveillance cameras.

“We checked it out and at 12:09 am, two guys walk into the yard…” Two days later, the suspects were spotted just a couple blocks away by Larry’s own granddaughter…

”It was a community member who saw the suspects boarding the bus,” Seattle police detective Drew Fowler said. “Our officers were able to meet the suspects as they got off the bus.”

Are there other Questions About Surveillance Camera Systems?

So the question isn’t just “can surveillance camera systems prevent crime?” The real question is whether or not your home or business is protected with security systems that not only deter criminal activity, but help to apprehend perpetrators so that you can recover items taken from your property or assist justice and insurance claims to provide for reparations.

As these stores highlight, advances in security surveillance systems now put resources in the hands of homeowners and businesses like never before. HD surveillance cameras that have 4-20 times the detail of traditional analog cameras provide the potential to make out individual faces and zoom in without the distortion experienced with analog cameras. Security cameras can use of video analytics software to detect when objects are left behind, missing, or are taken beyond the confines of a specific perimeter, helping make the surveillance system even more of a valuable management and loss-prevention asset.

A video surveillance monitoring solution can help you achieve much more from your smart phone, computer, or tablet than simply remote video monitoring. Imagine being able to control your home’s garage door, light fixtures, thermostat, and various appliances remotely. It sounds futuristic, but the future is as close as a phone call. It’s called home automation, and Securiteam can make this technology a way of life for you.

So, homeowner or business owner, if the question is “Can video surveillance systems prevent crime” you may be missing some other important questions to consider. If you’d like learn more about remote video monitoring and how Securiteam can make this a reality for you, please contact us today. We’ll be glad to answer all your questions about video surveillance and remote monitoring.

Got  Surveillance System Story for Us?

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