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Video Surveillance Tampa FL

If having a video surveillance system you can count on to protect your Tampa, Florida, business is important to you, consider having a state-of-the-art HD system installed by the experienced professionals at Securiteam. We’re proud to have served thousands of customers throughout the region since our founding in 2005, and our first priority is always to maximize the level of security for your business while providing attentive, personalized service.

Being able to protect and monitor your assets using a video surveillance system has never been more important, and the advances in HD technology have made it easier than ever to safeguard your Tampa, FL, store, office, or warehouse with one of Securiteam’s systems. If you already have an analog setup, we can easily help you upgrade to a state-of-the-art HD system by changing out your old recorder and camera and using existing cables/wiring and infrastructure.

The HD video surveillance systems Securiteam offers are superior to traditional analog systems because:

  • HD cameras offer at least six times the detail of conventional analog cameras, and our four-megapixel cameras offer 12 times the detail, allowing you to identify individual faces or license plate details.
  • HD cameras are smart network devices and can be updated with the latest technology, so they won’t become obsolete.
  • HD cameras can utilize video analytics software that detects when an object has moved outside a specific perimeter – a valuable loss-prevention tool.

If you choose Securiteam to install an HD video surveillance system at your Tampa, FL, business, we will design a custom system that works best for your needs, install it, and make sure your staff is trained on its use. We can also integrate your cameras with your computer network to allow you to access your video feeds remotely from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. And, as the area’s premier electronic security integrator, we have the experience and knowledge needed to install additional systems – such as virtual guard and access control – and make them interact cohesively with your video surveillance system.

To schedule a site assessment or speak to a security expert about the HD video surveillance system that is right for your Tampa, FL, business, contact Securiteam today.